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In it 10th season of existence, the Burnham Bulldogs Special Needs Football team continues to march on.
Though the names might have changed, the results have remained the same, with fun being the forefront of the program and with winning being down on the list.
This season has been its most productive as it sported its biggest roster of 22 players and 4 coaches.
Ending the season undefeated once again, the Bulldogs continued it dominance into its ninth. consecutive Super Bowl appearance.
In the “big game” the Bulldogs played before a full house as one of its longtime members, Walter ” The Rocket” Snyder is retiring after seven years as a member of the team.
It was a rematch of the team’s first Super Bowl when they played the local Army Stryker Division.
The longtime running saved his best for last as he ran for over 200 yards rushing and two touchdowns.
The last as he came out and went up against the entire Stryker Divisions kick off team and scampered for a 80-yard single handed return to end the game.
After the score, the Rocket was welcomed in the end zone with a Gatorade shower and a lift off the field in the shoulders of some teammates parents.
Afterwards, the group honored new hall of fame honorees, Zach Van Horn, David “Husky Man” Fye, Adam Wert and Player/Coach Bobby”Hollywood” Fisher who are the last remaining players from the first original team 10 years ago.
Snyder, who will be moving, was given an early hall of fame nod for his excellence over seven years.
They join previous members, Alex Burke and Miranda Taylor who were the last two previous year’s winners.

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