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7MW May The Fourth Be With You!

By Joshua Yoder
LEWISTOWN – The force was strong with this show as 7MW welcomed wrestling fans to another exciting edition of pro wrestling action.
Although things did not necessarily start off on a good note as the show began with longtime fan favorite Robnoxious came out to address the crowd and announced that he will be unable to compete in the ring for a little while due to a shoulder injury. And on that note we at Hometown Sports would like to wish Rob a very speedy recovery.
That was the bad news, the good news however was, that Rob was announced as the new commissioner of 7MW and was ready to lay down the law. And it certainly didn’t take him long to do so as he was rudely interrupted by the Vintage Gold trio of King Kahula, Tyler Symz and Ky Thomas.
Kahula and Symz were discussing about how it was an off night for them as they had no opponents for the show. Then the crowd started going the trio names which upset Thomas who looked to say something but was pushed down by Kahula and then again by Symz and forced him to stay in the corner.
Which ended up bringing out Malcolm King who came to Thomas’ aid and two decided to challenge Symz and Kahula for the 7MW tag titles. But then Rob got involved and made it into a hardcore match.
And in the main event of the evening, both teams went to town on each other with all sorts of weapons much to the delight of the 7MW fanbase. But in the end, it was ultimately it was the dynamic duo of King and Thomas would prevail and are now your new 7MW tag team champions.
The opening match of the evening pitted boyfriend versus girlfriend as Valerie went one on one with Sam Thompson after the two had an argument in the ring. The two went back and forth until Val caught Thompson napping and hit him with a pedigree for the one, two, three. After the match, the two embraced and shared a wholesome kiss, expressing to the crowd that true love will always prevail.
The Wolfman made an appearance on the show and had made quick work of Austin Aros who was making his 7MW debut.
Then there was the first of three best of series for the 7MW No DQ championship between Brother Rakim and Evan Atlas. At first, it appeared as though it was only going to be a one on one match as Aaron Truth went to the back. But as the match was winding down, Truth made his appearance felt and distracted the ref which allowed Rakim to get the low blow and then roll up to take a 1-0 lead in the series.
Another championship match happened during the event in the form of the Sky High Championship as Joey P challenged J-Kat for the title. For most of the match both Joey P and J-Kat displayed clean wrestling. That was until a fan jumped onto the apron and distracted the official before Joey P blasted J-Kat in the face with powder and scored the victory to become the new Sky High Champion.
Mr. Ping made his return to Lewistown, Pa during the show as he competed against Jeminez The Menace in an absolute slugfest with fans going crazy with each and every chop that you could hear outside of Mr. Stax.
Ping managed to get Jeminez down onto the mat and looked to finish him off with a swanton bomb off the top rope but failed to connect. Jeminez took advantage and went off the top rope himself and dropped Ping with a massive Block Buster and spoiled the return of Mr. Ping.
There was a highly anticipated grudge match between two former best friends and tag partners have now become bitter rivals with Colby Conrad looking for revenge after being betrayed by Zeno during the previous 7MW show. Unfortunately for Conrad, he was unable to get his payback on Zeno. Even worse, after the match was over Zeno continued his assault but then Mal Havok chased him away only to attack Conrad himself.
The 7MW Heavyweight champion DeMarcus Kane was in action as he looked to defend his title against the leader of Truth Serum, Aaron Truth. Much like the match with Brother Rakim, Truth looked as though he was going into the match alone, but then Rakim came out and threw in some brass knuckles while distracting the referee and Truth managed to hit Kane in the face but failed to score the pin.
Kane continued to dig down deep and clawed his way back and finish off Truth and retain his championship.
Sadly, it didn’t take Kane long to find himself another championship match up as Sam Thompson flew into the ring and assaulted the champion laying claim that he is next in line for a title shot.
If you are looking for some more wrestling action and are in Lebanon on May 11, CCW will be at the Eagles Hall with doors opening at 5 p.m. and bell time at 6 p.m.
Until next time wrestling fans!

Match Results
Valerie def. Sam Thompson
The Wolfman def. Austin Aros
Best of Three Series For No DQ Title Match #1
Brother Rakim def. Evan Atlas
Joey P def. J-Kat (c)
Jeminez The Menace def. Mr. Ping
Zeno def. Colby Conrad
7MW Heavyweight Championship
DeMarcus Kane (c) def. Aaron Truth
Malcolm King/Ky Thomas def. Vintage Gold

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