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7MW Tag Team Turmoil Results

7MW Tag Team Turmoil
LEWISTOWN – Professional wrestling after a year, finally makes its returns to Mr. Stax 24/7 Fitness Center where Seven Mountains Wrestling got host their special Tag Team Turmoil show where 7MW looked to crown their first ever tag team championship.
However, before the show could even begin, the fireworks were already going off as Mike Citty appeared and berated the Lewistown fanbase as well as 7MW World champion J-Kat.
The champion came out and defend the honor of his hometown which set up for the show’s main event. There was already plenty of fuel for the fire between both J-Kat and Citty, but there the flames were about to become even bigger as J-Kat and Citty were unaware that another challenger was waiting in the shadows in the form of long time veteran Tyler Symz made it clear of his intentions of becoming to new champion.
The champion J-Kat to did not let that sudden change get to him and faced the challenge of the triple threat head on and overcame both Symz and Citty to retain the 7MW world title.
That was just one of three championship matches for the evening as the show is called Tag Team Turmoil, 7MW looked to crown their first ever tag team champions and it was settled in a four team gauntlet match under hardcore rules.
The first two teams that started the match was the team of Born to Wrestle against the duo of Aaron Truth and Solomon Nasir who together are called Truth Serum. Ultimately Truth Serum defeated Born to Wrestle to move onto the next round which ended up being the Pony Express who after falling behind early, battled their way back and eventually eliminating Truth and Nasir and moving onto the final round where Rob Noxious and Malcolm King aka Violence Inc.
The final round certainly lived up to the hardcore standards that 7MW has been known for as tables, tacks, chairs, you name it, it was used. At point, it looked as though it was the end for the Pony Express, but in the end, the Express managed to pull out all the stops and eventually defeated Violence Inc to become the first ever 7MW Tag Team champions.
The third championship match that had occurred during the show was for the 7MW Sky High championship where the Prima Donna Prince Sam Thompson along with valet Valerie defeated the American Hammer Matt Quay by hook or by crook as Valerie had the referee distracted and allowed Thompson to catch Quay in the face with the title to pick up the one, two, three.
Oh though things did not get any better the power couple as Valerie later on in the show was defeated by the Redneck Chick Izzy McCoy.
The show also feature a pair of big time returns as the Red Scorpion made an appearance to answer the bodyslam challenge made by Mal Havock but was interrupted by Colby Conrad which later turned into a one on one match between the two which the Red Scorpion came out victorious.
Another major return to Lewistown was Ed House who went one on one with Bulletproof Dorian Black in one of the most physical contest of the evening. In fact, tensions were so high between the two, that it ultimately ended in a no contest as both wrestlers had landed their hands on the official forcing him to call for the bell.
I personally would like to thank everyone in 7MW for allowing me to cover the show and do not fear wrestling fans. There will be plenty 7MW wrestling action to come in the near future.

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