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One on one interview with Indy Wrestler: Sicend

By Joshua Yoder
LEWISTOWN – Hi everybody, I have a brand new interview with local independent wrestlers and this time will be talking with the leader of Riot City and the very first HWF champion in Sicend. Get to know the man behind the Riot. Enjoy!
JY: Who inspired you to become a pro wrestler and why?
S: Watching Shawn Michaels is what made me wanna be a pro wrestler. His drive and charisma was motivating. I just felt drawn to being able to perform like him.
JY: What was your first match like?
S: My first match was intimidating. I was in a six man tag with a bunch of people I’ve never met before. Plus being in a locker room with a bunch of wrestlers I was a fan of like the Briscoe brothers, Drake Younger, Claudio Castagnoli, and Sonjay Dutt. Only person I knew was my trainer. Of course the guys in my match also wanted to be kinda rude and rib me because it was my first match.
JY: Is there anyone past or present that you would like to compete against?
S: I’d love to have shared the ring with Shawn Michaels. People that have eluded me though I wanted to work with would be Amazing Red, Sick Nick Mondo, The Messiah, Derek Frazier and Joey Kaos. All people I fell in love with watching on the indies.
JY: How did Riot City come about?
S: Riot City came about as I was always hailing from riot city my female student Holli was my valet or manager at the time and then we decided we were adding Jason Drake, who was also my student into the mix and couldn’t come up with a name and something besides just right and Ellsworth was the one that coined the right city most wanted. And now it is grown into what it is today with the other members that we have with me and Jason still being the two originals.
JY: What did you think of the HWF when it started?
S: I thought HWF was gonna be fun and that it was gonna have a lot of potential to be something cool for students to have a place to grow and become the wrestlers that they needed to be.
JY: How did it feel being the first ever HWF champion?
S: Obviously, it feels great to be the first champion or champion in general that just means that somebody has a lot of faith in you and trust you as the face or head of the company so it was definitely an honor. I wished that I wouldn’t have gotten hurt so early into my run and had to have surgery and lose them that I did have to relinquish the title that definitely sucked.
JY: What advice would you give anyone who wants to become a pro wrestler?
S: What advice would I give to anybody wants to be a pro wrestler that would simply have to be prepared because this wrestling business isn’t easy physically or mentally there’s a lot of pain and body aches and injuries along with mental abuse that cliques and politics are all horrible but if you love it, you’ll figure your way through it and you’ll fight for what you want But it is not for the weak of heart or mind.
That was my interview with Sicend and I personally would like to thank him for giving me his time to answer all of my questions. I hope all of you wrestling fans enjoyed this interview and fear not, there will be more to come in the future.
Until Next Time!

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