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Attention Proud Parents, Fans and Coaches! We want to hear from you!

Proud parents, fans and coaches, if you have a player or players that you would like to recognize please reach out and send us a line at editorhometownsportsscene@yahoo.com or call us and leave a message at 814-441-8968. We would like to give these athlete’s their appropriate recognition.

While we are on the subject of recognition. Any coach that would like to send us results after their games PLEASE do! Every night after we cover things we have high school coaches send us their results and we add it on our website, www.hometownsportsscene.com . We want to hear from you!! Doesn’t matter what time of day or night, shoot us off an email! That’s why we are here.

Also if you have a special sporting event that you would like covered let us know in decent time and we will try to be there!

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