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Bellefonte dominates Huntingdon on the Mats

Bellefonte Area Hs (BAH) 57.0 Huntingdon Area Hs (HAH) 13.0
182: Tyler Benner (BAH) over Gage Peters (HAH) (Fall 2:55)

195: Ethan Rossman (BAH) over Zack Peck (HAH) (TF 24-7 4:52)

220: Isaiah Reed (HAH) over Tyler Putnam (BAH) (Fall 0:39)

285: Max Barrier (BAH) over Gunner Singleton (HAH) (Fall 2:56)

106: Aidan O`Shea (BAH) over Landon Dunsmore (HAH) (Fall 1:06)

113: Aaron Little (BAH) over Devin Grubb (HAH) (Fall 4:41)

120: Nathan Smith (BAH) over Eden Wagner (HAH) (Fall 3:08)

126: Jude Swisher (BAH) over Roland Mills (HAH) (Dec 3-0)

132: Alex Coppolo (BAH) over Caden Reamer (HAH) (TF 15-0 4:12)

138: Brady Martin (BAH) over Morgan McDivitt (HAH) (Dec 13-6)

145: Chandler Lauer (HAH) over Alec Bossert (BAH) (MD 13-2)

152: Andrew McChesney (BAH) over Adrian Lender (HAH) (Fall 5:39)

160: Ethan Richner (BAH) over Briar Deline (HAH) (TF 15-0 4:54)

170: Myles Baney (HAH) over Stephen Ivicic (BAH) (Dec 9-2)

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