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Bellefonte girls and boys sweep xcountry meet against BEA and Central

Bellefonte hosted a cross country tri-meet today with BEA and Central.  Bellefonte girls won against BEA 24-31; Bellefonte girls won against Central 21 -34; BEA girls won against Central 22-34.

The Bellefonte boys won against BEA 15-47; Bellefonte boys won against Central 24-31; Central boys won against BEA 15-48.  

Top 4 finishers of the Girls’ Race:
23:57 – Amaya Rothrock, Bellefonte
25:16 – Caitlin Taylor, BEA
25:20 – Sadie Belsky, Bellefonte
25:35 – Katheryn Morgante, Bellefonte

Top 4 finishers of the Boys’ Race:   
18:26 – Brett Pope, Bellefonte
19:48 – Cole Hovis, Bellefonte
19:51 – Austin Melius, Bellefonte
20:14 – Tanner Eckenrode, Central

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