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Bellefonte JH boys sweeps CM; falls to Central

On January 24th, the Bellefonte Junior High Boys Basketball team was back in action as they battled Central.

Both teams came up a bit short in hardwood action.

In the A Game, the Dragons got the best of Bellefonte 38-20.

Top Scorersin the game were Bellefonte’s  Jacob Corman with five and Central’s Yingling with 10.

Records for the season was Bellefonte at 8-6 and Central 16-0.

In the B Game, Central barely survived with a win against the Red Raiders, posting a 29-26 victory over Bellefonte.

Top Scorer for Bellefonte was Braedyn Kormanic with six while Central’s Butler had 11.

With the loss, Bellefonte falls to 11-3.

Bellefonte bounced back in its series against Central Mountain on January 27.

In 7th Grade action, Bellefonte topped Central Mountain 38-33.

High scorer for Bellefonte was Ryder Hamilton with 14 while Central Mountain’s Hoy tallyed 18.

Bellefonte improves to 2-0.

In 8th Grade action, the Red Raiders were just as successful posting a 46-18 win over the Wildcats.

Bellefonte was led by Braedyn Kormanic’s 10 while Central Mountain’s Fravel collected four.

With the win, Bellefonte improves to 12-3.

Rounding the night in 9th Grade action, Bellefonte muscled out a 38-32 victory over Central Mountain.

High scorers for the game were Bellefonte’s Jacob Corman with 14, Braedyn Kormanic with 10 while Central Mountain’s Brady Myers and Peyton Newten tallied for eight each.

Record for Bellefonte is currently 9-6.

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