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Bellefonte Junior High very busy over holiday season

The Bellefonte boys junior high basketball team played recently at the BEA Christmas Tournament held on December 30th.

In the A Team competition, the Red Raiders finished at 1-1 to take 2nd Place.

In the first game, Bellefonte defeated Philipsburg-Osceola 28- 25.

Leading scorers were Bellefonte’s L. Fisher (8)and Johnson (8) and P.O.- Snyder (8).

In the Championship Game, Bald Eagle defeated Bellefonte 43-27.

Leading scorers were Bellefonte’s Johnson (9) and B.E.A. – K. Burns (20) and Watkins (13).

The Bellefonte B Team also finished

1-1 good enough for a 3rd Place finish.

Bellefonte lost to Philipsburg-Osceola 28-24.

Leading scorers were Bellefonte’s Tomasacci (10) and P.O.’s Johnson (11).

In the Consolation Game, Bellefonte topped Penns Valley 34-20.

Leading scorers were Bellefonte’s McConnell (8) and P.V.’s Carson (9).

On January 6th, Bellefonte’s A Team fell to State College 33-26.

Leading Scorers were Bellefonte’s Johnson and Cox (6) S.C.’s Jones (12).

Bellefonte falls to 4-4

In the B Team, Bellefonte defeated State College 33-23.

Leading Scorers were Bellefobte’s Wertz (11) and S.C.’s – Warner (14).

Records for the Bellefonte B team is 6-2.

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