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CCW continues to shine in Lewistown

By Josh Yoder

Classic Championship Wrestling has returned to Mr. Stax Fitness Center in Lewistown, Pa for some more intense pro wrestling action called Hardcore Heartbreak.

But CCW fans certainly got their hearts’ desire of hardcore wrestling. It’s what they come to expect of the CCW wrestlers.

A major development happened right at the start of the show in the opening contest, as long time favorite, Mr. Ping welcomed newcomer Austin Furious in one-on-one action. However, the match ended in a no contest as the flamboyant duo of Stefan and Bliss ,aka the Pony Express, jumped in the ring causing chaos. But then Robnoxious came in to make the save.

As punishment for their actions, the Pony Express, who were already scheduled to face the Frat Boyz for the CCW tag team titles that night, were now added Rob and Mr. Ping as well as making a Tables, Ladders and chairs match.

In the main event, the team of Rob and Ping were able to come out of the TLC match the new CCW tag team champions in what many are calling one of the most brutal hardcore matches in wrestling history.

Another situation during the event was CCW champion BJ Walker was unable to be at the show, MAL Havoc who earlier defeated the “Golden child” Colby Conrad came out declared himself the new CCW champion as well as “healing” Conrad turning him into his new puppet.

Dorian Black then came out with a difference of opinion and that the only way to settle it, was a number one contenders match for the CCW title. During the match, the two fought their way to the outside where Havoc got into a little confrontation with a member of the audience and Black made him pay for it leaving Havoc laying outside and returned to the ring before the ten count to secure him a future title shot with Walker in the next CCW event.

Other results:

Triple threat match

Izzy McCoy defeated Goat boy and General Kesil

Singles match

Shockwave the Robot defeated Andrew Backland

Ed House defeated JT Funk

Prince Shongo defeated Kid Khaos

On a more patriotic note, a very special moment occurred during the event as a long time member of the CCW wrestling family Deja-lysse Eby announced that she will be entering boot camp for the Army National Guard.

I would like to wish Deja-lysse the best of luck on her journey as well as thank her and to many other men and women who are currently servicing and protecting our freedoms in this country. Best of luck Deja-lysse.

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