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Dylan Yoder Wins Clinton County Motor Speedway July 12 Limited Late Model Action

Courtesy of Clinton County Speedway
For Immediate Release:
July 15, 2019
Lock Haven, PA- Dylan Yoder etched his name on the 2019 winners list at Clinton County Motor Speedway. The Middlesburg, PA racer dominated the last 10 laps of July 12th’s Smith Excavation & Construction late model feature.
Yoder started fifth before moving into the third position during lap three. Luke Hoffner led lap one before giving way to Joe Lusk on lap two. Lusk, of Jersey Shore, kept his C & E Containers mount in the lead until Matt Cochran drove by. Cochran kept his family business racer in the lead thru lap 15 before Yoder made the winning pass. Cochran settled for second. Andrew Yoder came home third with leading feature winner Jim Yoder fourth. Lusk completed the top five. Sixth thru tenth were Tim Krape, who was making his first start of the season, Mike Smith, Gary Mellott, Hoffner and Drew Weisser. Heat races for the 16 car field were won by Cochran and Weiser.
The race was under yellow on lap one for the cars of Joe Loffredo, Gary Mellott and, Tim Luben. Luben and Loffredo were out for the night.Mike Smith and Kevin Probst were involved in a lap eight incident. Both drivers restarted the event.
The Gary’s Motor Mart/Laurel Highlands IMCA sprint car feature was won by Selinsgrove’s Ken Duke Jr. The IMCA racers ran their 20 lap event non stop in a time of 5:140 seconds. Reed Thompson of Petersburg led the first six laps after starting from the pole. The race leaders skillfully negotiated lapped traffic without incident. Following Duke were Ian Cumens, Scott Lutz, Thompson and Sydney Prince. The remainder of the top ten included Drew Ritchey, Jeff Weaver, Nathan Gramley, Tyler Cochran and Dale Schweikart. Duke and Lutz won heat races.
Ethan Spotts of Middleburg, PA won the Weaver’s Radiator Repair & Auto Sales/Jay Coder Excavating & Trucking 270 micro sprint feature in dominating fashion. Spotts grabbed the lead on lap three and withstood two caution periods to score his first win of the season. A lap 13 caution involving Jeff Weaver, Denny Rinehimer and Jerrod Heil allowed young Timmy Bitner to earn a runner up finish. Dan Wertman was third with Kyler Stahl fourth. Tyler Snook was fifth. Sixth through tenth were Bobby Sanso, Hunter Zimmerman, Weaver, John Roberts and Tom Quiggle. Stahl, Weaver and Rinehimer won qualifiers.
Garrett Bard won the 600 micro sprint feature over Josh Beamer. It was Bard’s fifth win of the season. Cody Hauck finished third with Bobby Sanso fourth. Jeff Weaver was fifth. Completing the top ten were Derek Swartz, Jomarie Gagne, Jeff Gyuina, Shelby Rowles and, Corey Brungard. Heat races went to Bard and Sanso.
Sanso led the first two laps of the 600 main before Bard went out front to stay. Bard’s winning margain was 1.395 seconds.
The TJ Shooters Sports Bar FWD 4 cylinder stock car feature was won by Adam Campbell, his second of the season. Tim Campbell was second with Tim Raup third. Mike Krepps Jr., was fourth with Cody Stover fifth. Sixth through tenth were Mike Campbell, Maddox Smith, Greg Brouse, John Bower and, Kevin Trimpey. Krepps and Adam Campbell won qualifiers.
Action continues Friday July 19 with the ULMS super late model series invading the speedway. Also in action are the IMCA sprint cars, 270 micro sprints and, Millers Automotive Machine pro stocks. Gates open at 5 with racing set for 7:30.
More information can be found at www.clintoncountymotorspeedway.com or Facebook.

Lock Haven, PA- July 13, 2019

Smith Excavating & Construction 25 Lap Limited Late Model Feature- 16 Entries

1. Dylan Yoder, 2. Matt Cochran, 3. Andrew Yoder, 4. Jim Yoder, 5. Joe Lusk, 6. Tim Krape, 7. Mike Smith, 8. Gary Mellott, 9. Luke Hoffner, 10. Drew Weisser, 11. Kevin Probst, 12. JR Toner, 13. Tim Luben, 14. Joe Loffredo.
DNS- Len Stroud Sr., Nick Loffredo.

Heat Race Winners, Cochran, Weisser. Lap Leaders, Hoffner, 1, Lusk, 2-7, Cochran, 8-15, Yoder, 16-25.

Gary’s Motor Mart/Laurel Highlands IMCA 20 Lap Sprint Car Feature- 16 Entries

1. Ken Duke, Jr., Ian Cumens, 3. Scott Lutz, 4. Reed Thompson, 5. Sydney Prince, 6. Drew Ritchey, 7. Jeff Weaver, 8. Nathan Gramley, 9. Tylor Cochran, 10. Dale Schweikart, 11. Ryan Lynn, 12. Dave Guss,Jr., 13. Fred Arnold, 14. Garret Bard, 15. Devlin Myers.
DNF- Cowboy Jim Kennedy.

Heat Race Winners, Duke, Jr., Lutz. Lap Leaders, Thompson, 1-6, Duke, Jr., 7-20.

Weaver’s Radiator & Auto Sales/Jay Coder Excavating & Trucking 15 Lap 270 Micro Sprint Feature- 19 Entries

1. Ethan Spotts, 2. Timmy Bitner, 3. Dan Wertman, 4. Kyler Stahl, 5. Tyler Snook, 6. Bobby Sanso, 7. Hunter Zimmerman, 8. Jeff Weaver, 9. John Roberts, 10. Tom Quiggle, 11. Shaun Musser, 12. Mallory Prince, 13. Mitchel Holden, 14. Mathew Dixson. DNF- Denny Rinehimer, Jerrod Heil, Logan Hammaker, Skeetz Hockenbrock. DNS- Travis Welch.

Heat Race Winners, Stahl, Weaver, Rinehimer. Lap Leaders, Hockenbrock, 1-2, Spotts, 3-15.

15 Lap 600 Micro Sprint Feature- 18 Entries

1. Garrett Bard, 2. Josh Beamer, 3. Cody Hack, 4. Bobby Sanso, 5. Jeff Weaver, 6. Derek Swartz, 7. Jomarie Gagne, 8. Jeff Gyuina, 9. Shelby Rowles, 10. Corey Brungard, 11. John Bower, 12. Dan Trippoli. DNF- Erick Knopp, Jay Coder, Dariek Humenay, Kyle Knopp. DNS- Nick Wood, Lauren Huffman.

Heat Race Winners, Bard, Sanso. Lap Leaders, Gyuina, 1, Sanso, 2, Bard, 3-15.

TJ Shooters Sports Bar 12 Lap FWD 4 Cylinder Stock Car Feature- 11 Entries

1. Adam Campbell, 2. Tim Campbell, 3. Tim Raup, 4. Mike Krepps, Jr., 5. Cody Stover, 6. Mike Campbell, 7. Maddox Smith, 8. Greg Brouse, 9. John Bower, 10. Kevin Trimpey, 11. Mike Brouse.

Heat Race Winners, Krepps, Adam Campbell. Lap Leaders, Krepps, Jr., 1-5, Adam Campbell, 6-12.


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