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Feltman hits game winner; EJ drops Northumberland Christian

NORTHUMBERLAND – The East Juniata Tigers battled it out with not only Northumberland Christian, but the elements as well as the rain and cold wind was coming down hard on both teams but in the end, the Tigers managed to overcome both winning 3-2 during the opening round of the District 4 Class A girls soccer playoffs Tuesday.
East Juniata had three goals from three different players in Cypress Feltman, Macy Buskey and Sara Brackbill.
Two of those goals came in the first half of the game as both the Tigers as well as Northumberland Christian were struggling against the heavy rain and cold breeze. The players were having a tough enough time of keeping a hold of the ball and slipping and sliding around the field.
But eventually the Tigers were able to slow down the pace and gently move their way up the field thanks to Marissa Coudriet. Coudriet then found teammate Buskey before knocking in the goal putting East Juniata up 1-0.
The Warriors came back swinging as Emily Garvin fired a shot that was stopped by East Juniata keeper Grace Hibbs. Sadly for the Tigers though was that the ball bounced right to Savannah Yount who proceeded to knock in the tying goal.
Northumberland Christian would strike again a little bit later in the first half as Eden Treas launched a deep pass to a charging Garvin who then kicked the ball past Hibbs to put them up 2-1.
East Juniata responded very quickly with a goal of their own as Warrior goalkeeper Caitlyn Gray tipped a shot away from the net, the ball went right to Sara Brackbill who then evened the match at two heading into halftime.
The rain was coming down even harder during the second half. The weather wasn’t the only thing that was more aggressive as Northumberland Christian was on constant attack mode on the East Juniata net.
In fact, the Warriors kept the ball in the Tigers’ side of the field for majority of the second half, refusing to allow East Juniata to be able to clear the ball away from their net.
But one slip up by Northumberland Christian would be their undoing as the Warrior defensive line slipped off the ball and Marissa Coudriet flew through with the ball and zipped down the field.
But a pair of Northumberland Christian defenders quickly caught up to Coudriet but committed a foul by tripping her near the box which awarded the Tigers with a direct kick opportunity.
Senior Cypress Feltman was given the nod to do the direct kick. And Feltman then fired a shot toward the net and the ball was just past the outreached arms of Northumberland Christina keeper Caitlyn Kick and knocked in the final goal of the match.
Congrats to the East Juniata Tigers as they gear up for the next round of the District 4 playoffs.

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