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Harris, Cubbison finish in top spots against deep Chambersburg team

Thursday, the MIfflin County cross country teams took the long journey to Chambersburg to compete.

The depth of both boys and girls rosters proved to be too much for the Huskies as they fell 23-38 on the boys’ side while the girls fell 21-40.

However, it would be the Huskies that took home the top spot in both boys and girls action.

Brayden Harris once again took the top spot posting a of 16:13 and teammate Chris Royer took a fourth place with a finishing time of 17:36.

Rounding out the top ten for MIfflin County was Conrad Coffey with a time of 18:20.

“Despite the score the boys ran well. Brayden ran a real nice race upfront to get the win. The other kids were solid. It was nice to get Ben Hertzler back.”

said MIfflin County Coach Gregory Loht. “We just want to keep improving and continuing to get better from here.”

On the girls side, Kylee Cubbison also finished first with a final time of 19:45 while teammate Addie Parson was the only other top ten finisher with a time of 20:57.

“The Chambersburg course is difficult and they haven’t seen a course like this ever,” said MIfflin County girls coach Jenn Freed. “These kids have never ran here. It’s a brand spanking new course for them. The terrain is rocky, a lot of ruts and tree stumps and a lot of hills. But the girls came out strong today. They had a plan in their heads and they went out and attacked it. They were strong, focused and new what they needed to do.”Kylie Cubbison won. Chambersburg’s a tough team.”

The MC cross country team will be back in action next week.

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