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HS interview with SC swimmer Matt Brownstead

Editors note:Representing his school and legendary swimming program State College swimmer Matt Brownstead recently advanced to by placing First in the 100-yard freestyle at the District 6 Championships with a Class AAA winning time of 45.52. He also advanced to the PIAA in the 50-yard freestyle as well, sporting a time of 20.48. Also, outside the pool, Brownstead is also active in his local boy scout program and is working on making Eagle Scout with a special project that will be giving back to the community that supported him.
Recently, Hometown Sports editor Kenny Varner sat down and talked to Brownstead after his second win of the championships.
HS: How did things go for you this weekend?
MB: Pretty good. I got a First in the 50 and First in the 100 freestyle and I had my fastest times in both.
HS: How does it feel to be swimming for a legendary program like State College?
MB: It’s amazing! We are like a tight knit group. I have a lot of great friends on the team and it makes practices is always a good time. Racing with the team in the relays are always a good time.
HS: How long have you been swimming?
MB: I’ve been swimming since I was about four or five.
HS: Do you like the shorter, quicker events or the longer ones?
MB: Yes, I like the quicker races.
HS: You said you are working on a special project for your Eagle Scout Badge could you talk more about it?
MB: Yes, I’m a Boy Scout with troop 31. I’m working on a project at Park forest where I’m building a deck in an area where there are a lot of water holes in it where you can sit and enjoy the view.
HS: when you graduate and go to college are you going to continue your swimming career?
MB: Yes, I plan to.
HS: What advice would you give a younger swimmer that is just starting their swimming career?
MB: Have fun with it! Sometimes it gets tough but you have to look forward to the fun parts.

To help Brownstead complete his goal of creating a deck for the Park Forest area, he has set up a go fund me account. Gofundme.com/Parkforest.deck .

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