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Huntingdon tops Juniata in second round of Juniata Duals

Huntingdon Area Hs vs. Juniata Hs @ Juniata Duals on 01/11/2020.

Huntingdon Area Hs (HAH) 69.0 Juniata Hs (JUHS) 3.0

120: Eden Wagner (HAH) over Daniel Painter (JUHS) (Fall 3:34)

126: Cameron Sweigart (JUHS) over Caden Reamer (HAH) (Dec 5-1)

132: Roland Mills (HAH) over Jacob Gilson (JUHS) (Fall 0:37)

138: Morgan McDivitt (HAH) over Tyson Aurand (JUHS) (Dec 13-11)

145: Chandler Lauer (HAH) over Josh Bomberger (JUHS) (Fall 4:33)

152: Adrian Lender (HAH) over (JUHS) (For.) 160: Briar Deline (HAH) over Wesley Woodward (JUHS) (Fall 1:03)

170: Myles Baney (HAH) over Phaustyn Houtz (JUHS) (Fall 0:42)

182: Gage Peters (HAH) over Chase Willis (JUHS) (Fall 1:54)

195: Zack Peck (HAH) over Jonathan Kauffman (JUHS) (Dec 8-5)

220: Gunner Singleton (HAH) over (JUHS) (For.)

285: Isaiah Reed (HAH) over Hunter Lucas (JUHS) (Fall 0:16)

106: Landon Dunsmore (HAH) over Casey Smith (JUHS) (Fall 1:43)

113: Devin Grubb (HAH) over Taylor Smith (JUHS) (Dec 9-3)

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