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Huskies fall against Brookville and Southern Columbia

Results from Mifflin County’s matches vs. Southern Columbia and Brookville at Millionaire Duals.

Brookville Area Hs (BAH) 36, Mifflin County Hs (MCH) 25

172: Trey Kibe (MCH) over Hayden Kramer (BAH) (Fall 0:36)

189: Jackson Zimmerman (BAH) over   (MCH) (For.)

215: Jaxson Pupo (MCH) over Bryce Rafferty (BAH) (Dec 6-2) 285: Nathan Taylor (BAH) over   (MCH) (For.)

106: Jared Popson (BAH) over   (MCH) (For.)

113: Nic Allison (MCH) over Cayden Walter (BAH) (Dec 6-0)

120: Owen Reinsel (BAH) over Adin Thorpe (MCH) (Fall 0:34)

126: Logan Oakes (BAH) over   (MCH) (For.)

132: Deakon Schaeffer (MCH) over Brecken Cieleski (BAH) (Dec 8-1) 138: Parker Kearns (MCH) over Burke Fleming (BAH) (MD 16-4) 145: Josh Popson (BAH) over Jacob Cunningham (MCH) (Dec 8-4)

152: Kyler Everly (MCH) over Coyha Brown (BAH) (Fall 1:06)

160: Wyatt Griffin (BAH) over Anson Wagner (MCH) (Dec 8-7)

Southern Columbia (SCAH) 48, Mifflin County (MCH)11

160: Garrett Garcia (SCAH) over Anson Wagner (MCH) (Dec 8-4) 172: Trey Kibe (MCH) over Gavin Garcia (SCAH) (Dec 5-2)

189: Colden Bloom (SCAH) over   (MCH) (For.)

215: Wesley Barnes (SCAH) over Jaxson Pupo (MCH) (MD 10-0) 285: Christopher Treshock (SCAH) over   (MCH) (For.)

106: Gaege Fronk (SCAH) over   (MCH) (For.)

113: Nic Allison (MCH) over Toren  Cooper (SCAH) (TF 17-1 2:14)

120: Brady Feese (SCAH) over Adin Thorpe (MCH) (MD 12-3)

126: Garrett Krebs (SCAH) over   (MCH) (For.)

132: Kole Biscoe (SCAH) over Deakon Schaeffer (MCH) (TF 17-0 3:42)

138: Ian Yoder (SCAH) over Parker Kearns (MCH) (Dec 9-3)

145: Patrick Edmondson (SCAH) over Jacob Cunningham (MCH) (TF 16-1 2:21)

152: Kyler Everly (MCH) over Brandon Gedman (SCAH) (Dec 3-

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