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Husky athletes win School/Media Awards

 LEWISTOWN – Despite the results of the Covid -19 changing the normalroitine for the presentation of the Mifflin County Sports Awards, Wednesday over the internet the Husky athletes were brought center stage to be recognized for their excellence in their respective sports.

The School and Media Awards were  won by the following.

Alex Ufema:

Winner:  Brycen Hassinger

Runner-Up:  Gage Schaeffer

2nd Runner-Up: Rodney Henry


Tish Maclay:

Winner:  Lydia Hidlay

Runner-Up:  Keni Kahley

2nd Runner-Up: Coletta Beeler



Rod Tate:

Winner:  Trey Kibe

Runner-Up:  Nic Allison

2nd Runner-Up: Ethan Kauffman



Winner:  Connor Cherry

Runner-Up:  Xavier Vega

2nd Runner-Up: Cole Knable


Jenna Feathers:

Winner:  Brianna Bodtorf

Runner-Up:  Marissa Gingrich

2nd Runner-Up: Katelyn Knable


Jaynee Carolus:

2020 Softball Team



2020 Baseball Team


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