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Interview with HWF Promoter Trista Silks

By Josh Yoder
LEWISTOWN – Hello there pro wrestling fans here is another Hometown Sports one on one interview. This time is with HWF Promoter and wife of Matt “TRK” Silks herself, Trista Silks. Get to know the woman who wears many hats behind the scenes of an up and coming pro wrestling promotion.
I personally would like to say thank you to Trista for taking the time of her day to be able to conduct this interview.
It is widely known that she is the wife of Matt Silks who is quite popular among the people of Lewistown as a professional wrestler. However, for some time TRK was away from the game and possibly may not return. Those doubts were squashed this year, as the HWF had made their debut this past summer with Summerfest.
But before all of that would happen, Matt needed a partner, someone who he could trust. Who better to turn to than the love of his life, his wife Trista. Though for some, after being away from it for quite some time, many would be hesitant to try it. But not Trista as when her husband came to her to see if she wanted to be a part of what is now known as the HWF, she quickly jumped in with both feet.
“My reaction was of course! I love wrestling! I felt that if I helped out, it would take more pressure off of Matt,” Trista explained. “Plus it would help me learn a lot about the business.”
However with that being said, Trista herself admits that there were a few concerns for her about going into this business venture with her husband Matt.
“A few, obviously, am I going to be approved for a promoters license,” Trista said. “I was also worried that some people in Lewistown wouldn’t accept us as a business.”
But as time went on, the HWF slowly but surely started to pick up some steam with the community as they were to find a place as a foundation for to start running shows.
“We always had the mindset to grow HWF and I felt that thanks to the Lewistown Community Center, it is a nice home for us to establish and grow our business,” Trista said.
And then it happened, Summerfest 21 came to the Lewistown Community Center and Lewistown was in for quite a treat. Many faces came to see Matt Silks return to pro wrestling and plenty of other local wrestlers, such as Eric Hammel, Edward James, Redneck Apache and Mr. Marks. Also introducing new people to the Lewistown area like Nick Sicend, Will Knox, Red Dawg and Mad Max Morrison.
It was quite a special night for Trista and the entire HWF crew, and they were excited to see the people having a good time and watching some pro wrestling.
“I think it went amazing! Obviously there is always room for improvement. I think the fans really enjoyed it,” Trista said. And I hope this leads to more fans and more talent. Try and bring in something new each time.”
With the first show finally out of the way, the HWF is pushing forward and looking to continue to build the promotion. One of the big announcements that the HWF made was the next show on the list which will help bring in the new year with a show named Genesis.
Trista hopes that Genesis will continue where Summerfest 21 had left off. But Also help bring in new stuff for the fans to see.
“They should expect some returning faces,” Trista said. “We have some new talents that fans will either love or hate.”
One of the main draws to the up and coming show will be brother versus brother as little brother Matt TRK Silks will go one on one with big brother Chuck Silks to see who is number one among the Silks brothers.
Trista admits that she feels two ways about this, number one, it is definitely a ticket seller, but as a wife and sister-in-law, she is a bit nervous. On one hand the fans want to see the match one last time, yet at the same time she understands how both of them are inside the ring and expects a very physical contest between two brothers but does not want to see either of them get hurt. But it is like the old saying, boys will be boys.
“My mindset as a promoter is to remain unbiased because I try to think about what the fans want. Now as a wife, it does worry me because I know how they can get lol,” Trista explained. “But ultimately that’s what the fans want to see.”
HWF champion Nick Sicend will also be in action against an opponent to be determined. After defeating TRK to become the first ever HWF champion, Sicend has been on a tear in the Indys winning a few more titles along the way. Trista admits that she is impressed by the run that the leader of Riot City has been making, but wants him to continue that in the HWF.
“I think Sicend is a very good champion. But he needs to continue to show Lewistown that he is a good champion,” Trista said. “He currently holds four championships and I hope he continues to show them why he is here in HWF.”
One of the qualities that Trista showcases as a promoter is her ability to dream big. She isn’t afraid to go big and has plenty of ideas for the future of the HWF promotion within the next five years.
“I see us expanding, I hope to expand beyond Lewistown,” Trista said. “I also hope to have production to be much improved. We’re also hoping to find bigger buildings for our shows and have more talent on our roster.”
HWF returns to the Lewistown Community Center on January 8th 2022 for their Genesis show and looks to kick off the new year with a bang.
I want to again say thank you to Trista for taking the time to have this interview and I hope and pray you wrestling fans out there enjoyed this interview.
Be safe and God Bless!

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