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Interview With Sons Of Mifflin County Part Two: RD Mosh

Photos by Mamma Dawn’s photography

By Joshua Yoder

LEWISTOWN – Welcome back HWF fans as we now have part two of my interview with members of the Sons of Mifflin County wrestling faction. Part one was with Matt Silks and now here is part two with long time member of the group, RD Mosh! Like before I would like to thank Mosh for his time for this interview. Enjoy everybody!

JY: What is it like to do wrestling shows with your girlfriend (Pit Chick)?

RD: It’s really nice! It helps keep you level headed and focused.

JY: How do you feel about your upcoming match with Neverfall?

RD: Going into the rivalry, I wanted to do two things. End the streak. I want to be the team that ends it. We also want to bring the belts back home. We are the hometown boys, this ain’t their home. We want the belts back home where they belong.

JY: Since SOMC has been formed, how has your team progressed?

RD: How hasn’t it! We have traveled and dominated all over the Indy scene. Companies have been asking for us. We don’t just want to show up. We want to dominate.

JY: HWF has been on a tear lately, how happy are you to see this company grow?

RD: I love it! Just being able to help this company grow, it may not be my company, but I like to think that I am the proud uncle of the company.

JY: What do you love the most about wrestling?

RD: It’s my escape. This is my drug. I like the feeling of the energy of the crowd. It is better than being at a rock concert.

Once again, I would like to say thank you to RD Mosh for his time for this interview and I hope you all enjoyed this little interview as well. But we are not done yet. We have one final part of this three part series. And that is with the Pit Chick Dani Lair. Until next time, take care everybody.

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