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Jared Miley Beats the Rain and the World of Outlaws Late Models for $10,000 Triumph at Port Royal

Photo by Bob Hockenbrock
Courtesy of Port Royal Speedway

By- Justin Snyder

PORT ROYAL, Pa. (May 22, 2022) Jared Miley carried the banner for the Pennsylvania Posse faithful Saturday night as he pulled off the upset to score his first career CASE Construction Equipment World of Outlaws Late Model Series win at Port Royal Speedway.

The win was worth $10,000 and was also the Pittsburgh, Pa. native’s first career triumph at the Speedway as well.

“I’m totally pumped as we’ve had a couple of these get away from us here on the last lap,” said Miley. “If you told me my first one was going to come here at Port Royal I might not have ever believed you because we never have won here either.”

Shane Clanton kicked off the evening by scoring the $100 bonus courtesy of Lauver’s Concessions as fast time award winner among the 41 cars in attendance. However it was Ryan Gustin and York, Pa. native Rick Eckert leading the field to the green flag come feature time.

Eckert got the early jump off the outside-front row to lead the opening circuit and he led without contest during the opening laps of the 40-lap event. The local Pennsylvania contingent were the show early on in the race as eighth-place starter Gregg Satterlee was on the move early as he moved into sixth on lap four. One lap later it was 10th-place starter Colton Flinner jumping to seventh as well.

Satterlee cracked the top five on lap nine, which was the same lap that Clanton got by Gustin for the runner-up spot and set his sights on Eckert. One lap later Eckert reached the tail-end of the field and was forced to attempt to maneuver lapped traffic and one lap later Miley cracked the podium as he got by Gustin for third.

It only took three laps for Miley to dispatch of Clanton for the runner-up position and one lap later Satterlee continued his march forward as he moved into fourth. Meanwhile, Miley was hot and heavy all over Eckert as the two attempted to find the best route through lapped traffic.

Flinner, hoping to use some of the local magic he’s had this season, moved into sixth on lap 19 and the battle for the lead officially became a six car battle. All six top competitors raced within striking distance of each other down the backstretch, however the caution flew for a car stopped on the inside guardrail to bring out the caution and halted the battle.

Eckert continued to control the pace following the restart, but it only took a few laps for Miley to take over the top spot as he grabbed the lead using the low side of the speedway with 19 laps to go.

Within five laps he quickly built up a 2.4 second advantage over Eckert and three laps later Satterlee cracked the podium for the first time as he got by Clanton. It took another three laps for Satterlee to move past Eckert for the runner-up spot, while Miley up front had lapped cars to deal with.

It appeared that Satterlee might get a chance to reel in the leader, but a daring move by Miley to split a pair of lapped cars with three laps remaining put the needed distance between the pair coming to two-to-go.

Miley went on to claim the checkered flag with ease over Satterlee, Max Blair, Eckert and Flinner. Matt Cosner, Clanton, Tanner English, Dennis Erb Jr. and Gary Stuhler rounded oiut the top ten.

“I just can’t say enough about my guys and this is awesome as it’s been a long time coming,” said Miley. “I honestly didn’t know how big of a lead we had and I was going as hard as I could there in lapped traffic.”

While Satterlee felt like he had a good enough car to compete for the lead, he knew he needed a little more luck early in the night if he wanted a shot at Miley.

“I’m not sure that a couple more laps would have made a difference,” said Satterlee. “The re-draw probably didn’t help us too much starting eighth. All in all we went forward and finally finished a race for the first time this weekend and we’ll take second.”

Light rain showers hit the speedway eight laps into the Weikert’s Livestock 410 Sprint Car feature  event to halt the action and sent fans scrambling for cover. While it appeared the show might go on, downpours came minutes later to wash out the remaining portion of the night’s event. No official rain date has been scheduled at the time and Speedway officials are considering multiple dates for the sprint car makeup along with the other late model makeup feature that was scheduled.

Late Model Results- 1- Jared Miley, 2. Gregg Satterlee, 3. Max Blair, 4. Rick Eckert, 5. Colton Flinner, 6. Matt Cosner, 7. Shane Clanton, 8. Tanner English, 9. Dennis Erb Jr., 10.Gary Stuhler, 11. Kyle Hammer, 12. Ryan Gustin, 13. Josh Richards, 14. Brent Larson, 15. Gordy Gundaker, 16. Dylan Yoder, 17. Kyle Lee, 18. Bryan Bernheisel, 19. Andy Haus, 20. Chad Myers, 21. Boom Briggs, 22. Travis Stickley, 23. Tyler Hershey, 24, Mike Lupfer, 25. Mason Zeigler.

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