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Juniata wrestlers fall to Williamsport and Palisades

Palisades Hs vs. Juniata Hs @ Selinsgrove Covid Duals #2 on 01/23/2021.

Palisades Hs (PAHS) 33.0 Juniata Hs (JUHS) 28.0

113: Casey Smith (JUHS) over James Cashman (PAHS) (Fall 0:57)

120: Taylor Smith (JUHS) over Logan Winters (PAHS) (Fall 3:09) 126: Double Forfeit

132: Cameron Sweigart (JUHS) over Nate Armstrong (PAHS) (Fall 0:49)

138: Tye Jabs (JUHS) over Bela Pavlinsky (PAHS) (MD 19-11)

145: Jon DeNato (PAHS) over   (JUHS) (For.)

152: Mason Smeland (PAHS) over Josh Bomberger (JUHS) (Dec 9-2)

160: Daniel Kelleher (PAHS) over Noe Montesinos (JUHS) (Fall 0:32)

172: Benjamin Haubert (PAHS) over Kobe Bonnell (JUHS) (Fall 1:24)

189: Daniel Haubert (PAHS) over   (JUHS) (For.)

215: Jonathan Kauffman (JUHS) over   (PAHS) (For.)

285: Austin Winters (PAHS) over   (JUHS) (For.)

106: Double Forfeit

Williamsport Area Hs vs. Juniata Hs @ Selinsgrove Covid Duals #2 on 01/23/2021.

Williamsport Area Hs (WAH) 42.0 Juniata Hs (JUHS) 21.0

106: Casey Smith (JUHS) over   (WAH) (For.) 113: Double Forfeit

120: Taylor Smith (JUHS) over Alex Randell (WAH) (Dec 4-0)

126: Cameron Sweigart (JUHS) over Austin Stugart (WAH) (TF 20-4 6:00)

132: Carter Weaver (WAH) over Tye Jabs (JUHS) (Fall 3:10) 138: Braden Bower (WAH) over   (JUHS) (For.)

145: Riley Bower (WAH) over   (JUHS) (For.)

152: Josh Bomberger (JUHS) over Santino White (WAH) (MD 13-0)

160: Roman Morrone (WAH) over Noe Montesinos (JUHS) (Fall 0:37)

172: Sebastian Robinson (WAH) over   (JUHS) (For.)

189: Ryan Dunlap (WAH) over   (JUHS) (For.)

215: Jonathan Kauffman (JUHS) over Charlie Lundy (WAH) (Dec 7-2)

285: Charles Crews (WAH) over   (JUHS) (For.)

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