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King signs free agent deal with Tigers

Editor’s Note – Hometown Sports editor Kenny Varner had the chance to catch up with former MIfflin County and current Florida resident Carson King about his recent free agent signing with the Detroit Tigers. We communicated in between workouts to talk about his signing, his career past, present and future..

HS: When and how did you hear about the chance to sign with the Detroit Tigers?

CK: The tigers reached out to me after they saw me at a workout the day after the draft. I was able to meet with the scout who saw me and went from there.

HS: How long have you been playing baseball?

CK: I have been playing baseball pretty much my entire life. I grew up watching my brother play little league and babe Ruth, I went to every game always had a ball in my hand. I played my little league as and babe Ruth ball in Reedsville as well. Before moving to Florida at 14 years. Never stopped.

HS: Your signing as a pitcher for the Tigers? How long have you been a hurler? I remember you as a catcher early in your career.

CK: Yes, I started focusing on pitching through high school and committed to pitch in college. As a younger player I played some different positions but always pitched and enjoyed being on the hill. I always felt I was best as a pitcher.

HS: What is your signature pitch? 

CK: My best pitch is most likely my slider. It is hard, around 86-88 and i have a ton of confidence in that pitch. My fastball has been up to 95, as well. I have a lot of confidence in both.

HS: How is playing in Florida different than in Pa.? Is it a longer season? 

CK: Definitely playing in Florida, I got to play a lot more games and play year round, but the biggest difference would be getting exposed to high level competition all the time whether be travel baseball or high school. 

HS: What has been your favorite on field moment in baseball?

My favorite baseball moment would have to be winning the league championships as a little league player and babe Ruth as well winning a district title my junior of high school at Estero High.

HS: After signing your contract, where do you participate and will you be staying in the Gulf Coast League for a short stint before moving up?

CK: As a 20 year old from junior college I will most likely start in Gulf Coast league but the organization has openings for pitchers to shoot up the system fast, so I can move early. I’m just excited to get to work.

HS: What was your family’s reaction when you got the great news?

CK: They were really excited. It was a really good feeling to have this dream come true not only for myself but for my family. We all put a lot into this and it feels good for me to have my work pay off.

HS: What are your current goals for the near future and what is your longtime goals?

CK: In the near future I’m just looking forward to making a splash when I get into the system. I’m training at a high level facility in Tampa called Kinetic Pro, and am really working hard to prepare to start throwing in the tiger uniform. In the long term, my goal is to make it to the big leagues and ultimately go as far and high as possibly can. 

HS: With the Covid-19 pandemic, how has that effected things for you? Has it shut down any of your workouts? 

CK: I am fortunate to as I previously said to be able to still train at Kinetic Pro in Tampa. So other than cancelling the season I’m still able to get my work in.

HS: What advice would you give to any little leaguer that is just starting their career in baseball?

CK: My advice to a young player is to learn to love the game. To have as much fun playing as they can, and if it is what they want to play in college and professionally to work hard. It’s only a dream until you go and do it. I am from Reedsville, I played in the same little league as everyone else, if you believe you can do it, make it happen.

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