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Late One on One interview: SC’s Zach DeCarmine

One on one interview with Zach DeCarmine

Editors note: Back in November Editor Kenny Varner caught up with one of State College High School’s top Track and field runner, Zach DeCarmine. He talked to him about his college choice of Central Michigan and the upcoming track and field season.

HS: What were your thoughts when you found out you were selected to go to Central Michigan?

ZD: I was beyond ecstatic when I heard. I couldn’t be more happy. It was always a dream of mine to play Division sports but I wasn’t sure what sport. I played football and ended up running track so I am completely happy and I wouldn’t be here without my family and friends. As well as everyone else who got me here.

HS: what will be majoring in?

ZD: I’m not totally sure. I want to do something with sports medicine or something to do with the health profession. They are in the top 10 in for athletic training and physical therapy. But I’ll have to see how that will work with my practice. So I’m not totally sure but something that has to do with the health profession.

HS: What made you decide on Central Michigan?

ZD: Honestly, as soon as I stepped on campus I knew this was the place I want to be and besides I connected super well with the team and the coach. I connected with him personally. I just met this guy for the first time over that weekend and we were already talking big stuff. He already talked to me about goals and being an All-American, winning MAC championships and all that. So he is definitely a coach I want to run for. He will take me where I want to go. I can’t wait.

HS: What are your goals this year?

ZD: For this year, I want to repeat as a team state champ. But I know it’s going to be harder. Last year our big thing was numbers so we are a little less on that but we still have the talent to. So besides running indoor and outdoor as a whole. I want to win the 400-meter outdoor run and be a state champ.

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