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MC Lax shines in debut; defense holds Mifflinburg to single digit scoring in loss

The MC Girls Lacrosse team lost  9-3 in an absolutely exciting day At Mifflinburg Saturday afternoon. It would be the first Girls Lacrosse game in Mifflin County varsity history. The Girls picked up some sticks and a few open gyms in Feb and began varsity practices on March 4th,” said Coach Theresa Lamont.”That was the first day of spring practices in Pa .  They kept pace with a well established Mifflinburg Wildcat varsity team.”

The first goal EVER scored for Mifflin County came from Coletta Beeler early in the first half.

First half Goalie but turned attacker in second half Kashia Smith scored the remaining two goals.  

There were numerous shots on goal with very near misses from the MC attack and middies.

If riding time was kept in Lacrosse , Lacy “totally normal” Norman got that bid!!!  She was “FAN” tastic  in keeping defense out and backed out of the fan! 

MidFielders  Emma “the worm” Ritchey and Grace Dupuis & Hannah Bender  took control of the field with speed and plenty of dodges to keep the wildcats off balance. Grace Dupuis took care of business with the draw getting draw control with help from the middies.

She also spent a good bit of time hustling and snagging lots of ground balls. 

“The Defense held tight against an aggressive wildcat offense,” said Lamont. “The game was riddled with penalties on the Wildcats.

The Huskies were solid in play with only three.

Kashia Smith wielding the goalie stick drew praise from the head official …. “beautiful clears” . 

“I am so proud of the team! They played a balanced game,”said Lamont. “We have two weeks to debrief and breakdown our game. It’s all do able!

The Husky Lady Laxers play away @ Midd-West Thursday 4/25 @ 4:30.

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