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Please see the attached letter.  MCHS will close for this week, Monday October 5th through Friday, October 9th.  ALL athletic activities are also suspended.  That means NO PRACTICES.  Upon returning, all TEAMS, must have 3 days of practice before returning to competition.  Teams and individual athletes that have been on a 14 day quarantine will still need the 5 days of practice prior to returning to competition.
If teams elect to practice Saturday, October 10th, the first competition date would be Wednesday, October 14th (as we cannot require Sunday practices).  For teams and individual athletes under the 14 day quarantine, the first competition date will be Friday, October 16th.
Coaches, please let me know today if you will be practicing October 10th so I can begin to re-schedule events.
ALL Mifflin County Athletic activities are suspended

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