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Mifflin County honors college signees

By Kenny Varner

LEWISTOWN – It was their time to shine!

Wednesday afternoon five of Mifflin County’s best athletes were honored as they plan to take their athletic talents to the next level.

Three football players, a softball player and field hockey player will provide numerous Pennsylvania College with strong athletic prowess in the upcoming school year.

They were Bronson-Smith Price

Jacob Krepps, Tommy Bender, Olivia Ahern and Halle Kerstetter.

Field hockey standout Halle Kerstetter was first up as she plans on taking the field for Juniata College.

Her Intended Major is Education with a minor in psychology.

She thanked her parents for their guidance and sacrifice as well as her coaches.

“I want to thank my parents for taking me to all the tournaments and always supporting me and making every opportunity available to me,”said Kerstetter. “I also want to thank every coach that I’ve had since I was young. They invested so much time into me and my teams and they shaped me into the player I am today.

Softball: Olivia Ahern – Bucknell

Softball phenom Olivia Ahern will continue her education and athletic career at Bucknell.

Ahern is looking to major in Chemistry.

She has been an anchor of stability and leadership on a very successful Mifflin County softball team.

She was very reflective about her softball career and her parents as she began to address the packed Huskies’ media room.

“I’d like to thank my parents. Over the last, I can’t tell you how many years, my dad has thrown countless amounts of softballs to me and my mom has driven to so many states to play in national tournaments and regular tournaments. It means the world to me that they’ve had support for me through the years,” Ahern said. “

Football: Tommy Bender – Seton Hill

 Wide out for the Huskies this past season, Bender will be lending his talents to Seton Hill in the fall.

His Intended Major will be History/Political science.

Bender was very thankful for the opportunity to continue his athletic and educational careers as a member of Seton Hill.

“First off I’d to thank God for allowing me to continuing to play the game I love. I’m forever grateful for that,” Bender added. “I’m grateful for my parents who have been there for me through it all. My pap and my sister, they are always there supporting me even when times were tough. Especially my dad who sacrificed so much to get me here today. I’m forever grateful for that.”

Football: Jacob Krepps – Millersville

As two-sport athlete (football and wrestling) Krepps has been a standout in both and will become a member of the Millersville football team.

He will go into his freshman year undecided.

During his time to reflect, Krepps also showed his appreciation to his parents and teammates as he starts to wind down his first educational and athletic journey and start his new one.

“I want to start out by thanking my parents, my coaches and my teammates in football and in wrestling,” said Krepps. “ Without all the blood, sweat and tears from both sports all my life I wouldn’t be the athlete I am today. So I am very thankful for that.”

Football: Bronson-Smith Price – Bloomsburg

One of the strong staples in the Huskies offensive line for the past four years did not go unnoticed for Smith-Price as he will take his experience on the gridiron to Bloomsburg University.

The veteran lineman will go into his first year academically with an undecided major.

He was humbled and appreciative for all the support that he has gotten, starting with his family.

“I’d like to thank my family for always being there to support me during my games. I’d also like to thank my coaches for always pushing me to be my best, forming me into the player I am and giving me the opportunity I have today,” said Smith-Price. “I’m thankful that Bloomsburg is giving me the opportunity to continue my academic and educational future with them.”

All of the athletes add to the long legacy of local talent that Mifflin County has been able to provide to many colleges through the years.

Their names will honorably be added to the rest of the talent that has come before them as they, themselves become trailblazers for the next generations of Husky athletes.

Editors note: Congratulations on a job well done!!!



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