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Mifflin County revises it’s spectator rules and regulations

Based upon the new guidelines put out today, Mifflin County will allow the following


Home Varsity Football games:

Each Mifflin County football player and manager, bandmember and cheerleader will be given 2 tickets.  Due to the social distancing guidelines that must remain in place, no one else will be admitted.  No visiting spectators will be permitted for Mifflin County home Varsity Football games.


Home Volleyball:

  • Mifflin County JV players will each be given 4 tickets to watch the JV game.  JV spectators must leave after JV plays.
  • Mifflin County Varsity players will be given 4 tickets to watch the Varsity game and must not enter the gym until it is vacated from the JV game.
  • Social distancing must be maintained.
  • Masks MUST be worn in MCHS the entire time.




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