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Myteampride.com announces exciting changes

After a very successful partnership with Five Points Screenprinting, Todd Cubbison, owner of the highly successful Myteampride.com at Cubbison Ink., has decided to up his game to the next level and go on his own into the merchandising world.
The Mifflin County native has been honing his craft since 1992, has been providing the community with custom designs and historical items for many years. He is excited about taking that leap to working for himself.
One of the local most recognizable fetes was the creation of the Official Mifflin County School Logo That is seen all over the County.
He was also responsible for bringing recognizable logos and identities to the Burnham Bulldog Special Needs football team, the Huskies Sports programs as well as numerous bodies of Work. His work, though Sports related is not just limited to them, the list also includes organizational shirts, special occasions, logos, decals and embroidery.
One of the things Cubbison is excited about is not only maintaining the friendships and relationships he has built with previous clients but also the idea of building new friendships with new customers that will come and meet with him.
Currently working out of his studio, he promises that the service he has provided in the past will continue and will not change the way he handles his Buisness.
The future is bright as Cubbison has a few things on the horizon for his company. The biggest thing to come for Cubbison Ink. Is the relaunch of a very customer friendly website. The site will be launched later this year. The current way to place an order or answer any questions is to call or check out the My team Pride Facebook page.
One new step that My Team Pride has taken was to switch to a better and more eco-friendly ink that is also leads to a longer lasting print.
“We do the whole gambit. We love to do sports and schools but we love to do other projects as well,” Cubbison.
Cubbison’s biggest priority is that the Customer comes first. No order is ever too small or too big.

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