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New Mifflin County Sports Hall of Fame Created

New Mifflin County Sports Hall of Fame Created
July 7, 2020
Individuals who have brought fame and recognition to Mifflin County through their achievements in athletics or otherwise have made a positive contribution to the promotion of athletic excellence in Mifflin County will soon have a place to be recognized.
That place will be the newly created Mifflin County Sports Hall of Fame, which was founded on June 19, 2020.
Mifflin County will be a chapter of the prestigious Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame. Previous attempts at establishing a hall over the years have failed, but this attempt has been proven successful.
Thanks to the growing support of nearly 100 individuals – current and former players, coaches and sports enthusiasts – Mifflin County officials applied to the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame to create a local chapter, in March.
The Mifflin County chapter has received conditional approval from state officials, who are expected to formally approve the application at their next meeting. The current health situation has delayed this process.
“Mifflin County has a rich athletic history,” says Greg Williams, a long-time sportswriter at The Sentinel who will serve as the hall of fame’s secretary. “It’s a history that is need of a fitting showcase and proper recognition. That was the inspiration for creating the hall of fame: To celebrate and pay tribute to those individuals who set the standards of excellence.”
A text conversation between legendary high school basketball coach Kevin Kodish and Williams in November 2019 got the ball rolling on the hall of fame project. Those two, along with the veteran youth coach Brian Heckert and well-respect businessman Jon Zimmerman, came together to assemble a group of founding members.
Those four were joined by other community leaders, former athletes and coaches to form the hall of fame’s board of directors. The initial group also includes Joel Diamond, Cher Harpster, Dave Semler, Tim Searer and Tona Williams.
Weeks of virtual meetings concluded with the chapter bylaws being approved in late June. Zimmerman was elected as the hall’s first president, with Searer as the vice president and Tona Williams as the treasurer. All officers and members serve on a voluntary basis.

Mifflin County has a glorious history of sports accomplishments,” Zimmerman says. “Here is your
opportunity to help honor and remember the individuals, teams, coaches, writers and broadcasters,
who have made this happen and let’s have some fun doing it. The Mifflin County Sports Hall of Fame is
the newest chapter of the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame and with your help, we’ll make it the best in
the state
The hall of fame’s membership drive officially kicked off July 1, although Greg Williams has been contacting potential members for months.
Membership in the chapter is open to all sports-minded men and women 18 years of age and older who have an interest in promoting and preserving the athletic accomplishments of individuals and teams of Mifflin County.
Our annual membership dues for 2020-21 are $25. A portion of these dues are paid to the state hall of fame. The Mifflin County chapter retains the balance for expenses.
Charter members of the Mifflin County Sports Hall of Fame will be involved in the voting for the inaugural class of 2021 inductees. We also encourage members to participate on any of our committees – banquet, communication, finance, membership, and selection.
Members will be included in the annual induction process at both the Mifflin County chapter level as well as the Pennsylvania state level. They may nominate deserving individuals for induction consideration to the Mifflin County chapter. Once the nomination committee has released a slate of candidates, members will vote for this year’s inductees. Members must join by November 15 to be eligible to vote.
The hall of fame has the following in the works:
 A Facebook page has been created to keep the community information with up to
date information. It already has more than 200 views.
 A logo and website will be designed in the coming months.
 The creation of a physical hall of fame or a display at an existing location.
 Planning for the induction ceremony at our first banquet in April 2021.
“It’s taken many years to get to this point, so we want to make sure this is done the right way,” Kodish says. “The storied athletes that have competed over the years in Mifflin County sports history deserve the best.”
Individuals who would like to receive membership information or contribute – either monetary or memorabilia – to the hall of fame or should

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