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Observations from the “Cheap Seats”

Sometimes after covering so many games and so many sports you have to take a step back and head back to your roots to remember why you are a sports fan by being what all of us are…a sports fan.
I took advantage of that recently attending a State College Spikes/ Auburn Double Days dollar night.
It quickly came back to me as Soon as I got near Medlar Field at Lumbrano park.
Before even entering the park, the smells of grilled hamburgers and hot dogs resingnated the air as you saw youngsters walking in the park, wide-eyed and hoping for a chance for an elusive foul ball or better yet a home run ball.
The sounds of the old fashioned organ played as the two teams gathered on the field talking and having a good time.
With the lights on and the game beginning, an aroma of fresh cinnamon covered peanuts filled the air over coming the hamburger smell.
Sitting up in the cheap seats were all the stereotypical fans, the proud parent sharing his knowledge onto his kids and talking about his memories of baseball trips of yesteryear while the kids looked onto the field still listening but wanting to get that baseball.
There were the casual fans who were semi watching the game but were vocal when the Spikes.
You had the old timers explaining the game to anyone who would listen.
Even the die hard fan who was living and breathing on each pitch.
Mascots still provide the much amusement as they help route the team to the win.
Music both new and classic, make the pace of the game go faster and can be used as a funny situation when the opposing players have designated walk up songs that aren’t considered cool.
Even the sounds of the radio broadcast could be heard faintly in the distance, reminding me of watching the 70’s Yankees and Phillies from my childhood.
The seats were full of people of all backgrounds, colors, creeds and financial levels. On this night it was the perfect blend of fans.
With close calls, strike outs in grand fashion, and all out hustle it was evident to me if a few things.
1. Baseball is still exciting and fan friendly.
2. The umpire is NEVER right..unless it’s for your team.
3. Lastly, when feeling burned out by covering sports, just take time out and remember why you became a sports writer and for that night..just be a fan.
Have a hot dog! Drink a soda! Sit back! Settle in and just immerse yourself in the game.
You won’t be sorry. I wasn’t.

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