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One on one interview with HWF champion James Ford!

BY Joshua Yoder
LEWISTOWN – WOW! To say that this is a big time guest would be an incredible understatement. Today I got to interview one of the biggest stars on the Indies today and he your current reigning, defending, undisputed HWF Heavyweight Champion. “The Titan” James Ford! Get to know what makes the champ tick and learn why he has been such a dominate champion over the years. Enjoy the interview!

JY: Who inspired you to become a pro wrestler and why?
JF: Shawn Micheals and Hulk Hogan both for their larger than life personas.

JY: What was your first match like?
JF: My first match ended with me getting severe whiplash and a concussion. I still showed up to participate in training as soon as I was cleared.

JY: When people see you on the card, they know that this match is going to be physical. Where does all your intensity come from?
JF: I don’t see it as intensity I see it as determination to win at any and all costs. Love me or hate me it gets the job done.

JY: Is there any one wrestler, past or present you would like to compete in the ring with?
JF: Presently I look at guys like John Rodin and Zach Rayne at the top of their game and would not mind seeing whose hand would be raised at the end of the night if we were to put on a hell of a match. Hell I’d take them both on at the same time with the title on the line of course.

JY: What did you first think of the HWF when it started?
JF: I wasn’t around when it started but I’m here now and see limitless possibilities and potential. A very bright future.

JY: How did feel when you became the HWF champion?
JF: It was one of the greatest accomplishments I have ever had. It felt great.

JY: You have been a dominate champion since then. What has been your favorite part doing this title reign?
JF: My favorite part is that I personally do not see an end in sight. I am at the top of my game right now and welcome all challenges.

JY: What is your opinion on your opponent here on Summerfest?
JF: He’s a hell of a competitor and I wish him the best of luck. At the end of the night the Forever Champion will be walking out of the HWF colosseum with the title.

JY: What advice do you have to anyone who inspires to become a pro wrestler?
JF: Go to a wrestling school and get trained and stick with it. It’s not easy but if you are determined the sky is the limit.

There you have it folks! My one on one interview with “The Titan” James Ford! I hope you guys enjoyed it and fear not, there will be plenty more where that came from. Until next time wrestling fans!

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