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One on One: MC 15s manager Bill Corbin

Editor’s Note: Recently Hometown Sports’ Editor-in-Chief Kenny Varner caught up to the 15-year-old Babe Ruth Baseball National runner ups manager, Bill Corbin and talked about his team’s success and the special closeness the team had throughout the historical run.

HS: Your team had such a great run this year. The chemistry on and off the field seemed like you were all pretty close.

BC: There was. Especially with the parents down there. It was really amazing. The kids, most of them were together when we won the state championship at 13. But not all of them. But some knew each other. I think the injury down there (to Garrett Leitzel) even brought them closer together. So, we had a fantastic run. I couldn’t have asked for more from the kids. I would have liked to win more games but it was fantastic what they done.

HS: They also seemed like a team that never gave up.

BC: Exactly, we had a couple of umpires down there commenting about it. And I said “To me, it wasn’t anything real different because I’ve had five state championships that were won in the last at bats”. So that means you keep scratching to those last out and don’t give up.

HS: You have to be very optimistic on the future of MIfflin County baseball with these guys going up to the high school level.

BC: There’s a couple of them that will be at playing at Midd-West but we’ve been doing real well lately and the high team does well also and that’s great! It’s something good for the county. I said one of my goal was to get to the World Series and another is to see one of these guys play in the Majors. That was the second goal I would just love to see someone from our area get there. So, yes the future for the high school should be pretty good. It’s had its ups and downs but all in all we usually play good baseball and it takes everybody. It isn’t like we get the kids and whip them into shape. It’s coaches throughout the league and in the high school who has them before us. It takes everybody.

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