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One on One: Saint Joseph’s wrestler Zack Witmer

Editor’s Note: Recently, Hometown Sports Editor Kenny Varner Caught up with Saint Joseph’s Academy wrestler Zack Witmer.

Witmer who has captured 120-plus wins in his high school career. We asked him about his recent signing with Columbia and his goals, his past, his future and his advice to younger wrestlers.

His career accolades are 
2018 PIAA state finisher at number five, was regional champion and third place in districts at 132.

In 2019, he finished a district champion, was third in the Region and fourth in the state.

Last year he was again District 6 champion, Runner up in Regional and fifth in the state for the second time, all competing in Class AA.

HS: What made you decide on going to Columbia?

ZW: Well first of all the school has tremendous resources academically and athletically for me. The coaches I was able to believe in the system that they have and the program that they are trying to build and the location in New York, I love the area and love the city. So it was really just a perfect fit for me all around.

HS: How long have you been wrestling?

ZW: I’ve been wrestling for 15 years and it’s been a long journey.

HS: What would you say was your favorite wrestling moment, looking back?

ZW: It’s tough to put it all into one moment. I would say it would be districts with my teammates. I’ve enjoyed every year. The crowd is kind of on top of you there and it’s really fun to compete in there. Probably at districts in my junior year would be my favorite moment because I got to experience it one last time with my friends.

HS: What are your goals moving on and you’re getting ready to hit the post season?

ZW: My goal is to be a state champion. That’s been the goal for the last three years. I’m still chasing that title. So that’s what I’m going for now.

HS: What advice would you give to kids that are just starting their wrestling careers?

ZW: Enjoy the ride. It’s a long journey and it’s a really hard sport. It beats you up sometimes. But in the end it’s super gratifying and absolutely worth the journey.

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