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One on One with MC runner Brayden Harris

Editor’s note: Recently Editor-in-Chief Kenny Varner met up to talk with MIfflin County Cross Country phenom Brayden Harris. He talked about his recent signing with Temple, his career and his future.

HS: Congratulations on signing with Temple. What was it that made you select the run for the Owls? We’re there other colleges that was in the running?

BH: Temple was one of the first ones that contacted me. The coach was one of the first ones to come up to me and introduced himself. He was also the first one to introduce me to the school.

Also at the same time I was getting flooded with letters so I kept my mind open until recently to the end of my junior year.  I was kind of going we’re the wind takes me at first but once I started narrowing it down I didn’t want to go to far.

HS: when did you first find out how much you enjoyed running?

BH: I’ve always been one of those kids that never liked football and the one thing was because you didn’t run enough. So I’d always be that kid that would play tag or how and seek. I remember getting in trouble a lot at recess for doing stupid things and I’d run laps. I did football and baseball probably until going into middle school. I think in fifth grade my mom talked to me about Ronald Specher’s Juniata Valley Striders Club.

I was like, you what? Why don’t I give it a try? This was during baseball season. I remember going out and not being very good because it was my first time. But I fell in love with it right away. It was something that I felt I enjoyed and there were like minded people that understood.

That was when Garrett Baublitz was there. There was a big group of us.

I think I got really serious serious about it in middle school. I just knew I had a love for it. So I just threw everything into it and it was time.

HS:  Do you remember your first race at the varsity level and how you felt?

BH: My first race for varsity was probably at the BVI (BigValley Invitational) my freshman year.

I think at that time going into high school was less worrisome than going into middle school I think.

I used to get so nervous before things and then I realized what’s the sense in worrying, you have to enjoy it.

I remember that summer I won a National Championship in Kansas and I remember it was coming off of that.

I remember it was quite a nice experience and if I could go back and relive it I would. There were all the kids I looked up to.

At that time, I always believed they were better but I was number one on the team so it was something surreal to me and I wish I just go back and watch that happen again and see how much I’ve progressed through the years.

HS: When your going into race do you have it in your head how you are going to race or does the race’s tempo dictate how you are going to run?

BH: It depends. Usually in big races Idont talk that much. I’m usually thinking about the race or the goal or game plan. So there’s a lot of things in my head. It’s not necessary that I’m not there but I’m thinking about how to approach this. I also think of back up plans as well. I always think a back up plan is good. That’s what I think about for big meets.

For the small dual meets I don’t think as much. I’d rather save it for big meets.

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