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Penns Valley holds off Kish late in JVFL Midget Super Bowl Bowl

This one had it all!
For JVFL football fans everywhere, Saturday’s Midget Super Bowl had everything a legendary title game should have.
In the night cap of Super Bowl Saturday’s JVFL title tilts, the Penns Valley Rams met the Kish Indians in a game that won’t soon be forgotten.
Taking the forefront was a strong defensive effort by both teams, an early score, a late comeback attempt and then a game saving play and when you have that you have history.
In a nail biter from beginning to end, the Rams took a 7-0 lead and then held off a late offensive surge by Kish to take a 7-6 victory in the Midget title game.
“They played out of body. They played so well. I can’t be more proud of this team, how they worked, how they worked and how they worked this week in practice. They are hard workers,” Penns Valley coach John Crawford said. “They are a wonderful group of kids and I can’t say enough about them. I really can’t.”
Rams running back Kollin Brungart spear headed the Penns Valley running attack, finishing with over 150 yards on the ground.
Kish was led by 87 tough yards by their running back Reagan Ettinger.
After kicking the ball to start the game, the Rams’ defense came out strong and forced the Indians to punt the ball away.
However, on the punt Penns Valley pushed the Indians live back and then blocked the punt, giving them the ball on the 26.
But the Indians did everything they could to keep the Rams out of the end zone, forcing the Rams to an 11-play drive that culminated in a 30-yard pass from Jarrett Stover to Brungart. Brungart got the nod on the extra point and came up with what would be a key play early in the contest, leading 7-0.
Both defenses took over the contest from there as each one would bend but not break as the first half would end, 7-0 when the two teams went into the intermission.
In the second half, both defenses continued to make a statement as the each refused the other a chance to even sniff the goal line.
That was until the last few minute of the fourth quarter.
Trailing 7-0, it was now or never for the Kish offense as it started its journey to tie or go ahead in the game.
Starting with the clock showing 4:28, Kish started on its last chance for glory.
With the Indians’ giving Ettinger a continued dose of hand offs, Ettinger and his offensive line were up for the challenge as he muscled his way up the field.
As the clock ticked down to 2:59, Ettinger capped off the 52-yard drive on yet another hard-nosed play, cutting it 7-6.
It was all or nothing on the PAT as they handed the ball to Ettinger and he set to throw but didn’t come up with the play they needed and still trailed by one, 7-6.
“I’m proud of every one of these boys. I’ve been with them for three years. I’ve watched get their bumps and bruises. They deserved it. They put it all on the line tonight,” Kish coach Eddie Rhodes said. “We played a good Penns Valley team. You can’t take anything away from them. They all played a great game.”
It will be a game that won’t too quickly be forgotten by either teams.

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