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Penns Valley’s Michael Johnson leads team to victory over BEA

(Image caption) Penns Valley Senior midfielder Caleb Narber (#23) sets up the attack just before finishing late in the 2nd half against Bald Eagle Area on Monday October 12. Narber also added 2 assists while Senior teammate Michael Johnson tallied a hat trick during the match.

Bald Eagle Area @ Penns Valley


Penns Valley 6



Penns Valley – Michael Johnson – assist: Caleb Narber 14:03

Penns Valley – Aidan Culver – assist: Jack O’Donald 20:56

Penns Valley – Michael Johnson – PK  27:02

Penns Valley – Zach Heckman – assist: Caleb Narber 43:50

Penns Valley – Michael Johnson – 51:02

Penns Valley – Caleb Narber – 66:25

BEA – 73:05


Penns Valley – 16

BEA – 3

Corner Kicks:

Penns Valley – 6

BEA – 0


BEA – Clayton Reigh 10

Penns Valley – Dristen Wolfe 3

Game Recap:

Penns Valley’s Michael Johnson led the way through nasty weather posting a hat trick enroute to a 6-1 victory over Bald Eagle Area Monday night.

The weather was cold and misty, the field was slick, and the conditions were less than ideal – but the Penns Valley Rams heated up the pitch for another important win in Mountain League boys soccer action.

  “When the weather is like this, it makes me very nervous because anything can happen – and usually does! But I was really pleased how my guys handled the ball and carried out our control game plan in spite of the conditions,” said Penns Valley Head coach Ken Gore.

The scorebook gives a picture of a potent offensive attack from Penns Valley – who earlier in the season had some trouble finishing – but that appears to be a non-issue now.

At 14:03 -Johnson finishes with a blast after a set up by Caleb Narber.

Teammate Aidan Culver followed with a goal at 20:56  taking a feed from Jack O’Donald and hit a strike from 18- yards out on the right side.

Johnson was at it again posting his second goal at 27:02.

Johnson scores another solid PK after a BEA handball in the box.

Zach Heckman scored on a nearly perfect header from a high set up by Narber in the middle 43:50.

At 51:02, Johnson beat three defenders with a flat-out hustle from half to goal.

Rounding things out at 66:25,  Narber uses quickness and control to get free in the middle and places a perfect shot into the right side.

“I have very strong players in my midfield and on my front line – and once again they came through to beat the defense time and time again,” said Gore. “I told my team that Michael Johnson was a ‘man on fire’ tonight with his hat trick and Caleb Narber was close behind with his smart, controlled passing – and that finish – it really was a beautiful thing!”

“Our junior defensive back absolutely must be called out again for their stellar performance. Kyle Niewinski in the middle, Jack O’Donald in front at CDM (center defensive mid) and Alex King and Ryan Mcfeely on the outsides are just so good at consistently shutting down the attack.”

Record: 7-3

Next game: Philipsburg-Osceola at Penns Valley, Wednesday 10/14 6:00 pm

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