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PIAA makes decision on earlier start of the Winter HS season

Courtesy of MC athletics

With the PIAA’s decision today to allow competition after 10 days, the first date of competition could now be January 15th.

Swimming and Bowling would need 5 practices prior to competition.

Today it was passed on a modification of the 15 day practice rule for the winter season only. Below is what was passed. However, teams may not scrimmage or play a game in that four day period.The first scrimmage or game can only be Friday, January 8.

The PIAA’s proposal is To attempt to develop a common theme for practices, where some

school started, some did not and some had a partial start, the chart below illustrates a

baseline to get 10 days of practice before competition. If schools started practice, they

need to complete a combination of practices to get to 10 before a Contest is played.

Those schools that completed a pre-season – some have already played a contest –

must get minimally 4 practices to resume play. This change is reflective of some areas

of the state are moving to a later January start and if we use the standard 15 preseason

practices, they will probably not be able to get much of a season completed. 10

days or two weeks of workouts appear reasonable from health and safety standard to

start. To assist those sports where the school has to utilize off campus (community or

private facilities) for their hosting this sport (swimming, bowling, rifle, gymnastics) the requirement

would be five (5) days, not ten (10) days. These changes are for 2020-21 winter sports only.

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