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PIAA responds to latest change from the State Appeals Court

Good Afternoon Everyone:

This afternoon we learned that the Third Circuit Court of Appeals issued a stay of Judge Stickman’s decision striking the Governor’s COVID-19 restrictions in several areas.  For our purposes, the most important restriction at issue is the limitation on gatherings.  As result of the court stay, the Governor’s Order of the 25 (indoor) and 250 (outdoor) limitations on gatherings (spectators) are back in effect.  PIAA is informing member schools of the decision and encourage them to consult their solicitors as to what they can and cannot do under the Governor’s reinstated order.

We are hopeful that there may be some modifications to the restrictions.  Governor Wolf stated the following to pennlive.com this afternoon. https://www.pennlive.com/coronavirus/2020/10/pa-gathering-limits-are-back-for-now-what-should-schools-do-for-friday-night-football-gov-wolf-stay-tuned.html

“At the same time, we’ve got to make sure that we’re being reasonable and realistic about how we do things. I’m doing everything I can listening to folks, and continue to change as I did with restaurants, and we’ll continue to look and make sure that the guidelines we have in place are reasonable.”

“Right now, we’re back to the 250, but as I say, I’m working right now with school districts and others to do what we can to recognize the contexts that are different in every community,” Wolf said.

“Stay tuned, we’re working on it as we speak.”

Absent revised guidance from the Governor, though, PIAA will comply with the 25 (indoor) and 250 (outdoor) limitations on people in attendance at all District and Inter-District playoff contests.

Thank you.

Dr. Robert A. Lombardi

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