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Ridley shows “There are angels among us

They say there are Angels among us. In today’s world that still holds true.

Just look no further then 14-year old, Eighth-grade Mifflin County student Tyana Ridley.

Tyana is wise beyond her age and has battled the odds since she was born.

Ridley, who was born deaf, has shown that there is no obstacle she can’t overcome. 

“I was born deaf. I got my first implant when I was two and the second one when I was four,” Ridley said. “Now I have Cochlear implants. I can hear well now.”

She can hear as well as everyone else.

 After receiving Cochlear implants at the age of two and four she has not let anyone or anything keep her from things she wants to achieve.

Her perky and pleasant personality is immediately noticed to those who first meet her.

With her implants out, Ridley cannot hear but when she puts them back in she can hear very well.

As a student of Mifflin County Junior High School, Ridley has a passion for basketball and cheerleading, something she wants continue into high school and college.

In school to hear and understand better Ridley has her own special way of being able to catch what is being taught and understanding her teachers.

“I read lips,” Ridley said. “Sometimes I have some teachers who know sign language. I have teachers who help by telling me what is being said by the other students who aren’t facing me. But most of the time I can read their lips.”

Ridley started her love for cheerleading at the age of five, where she competed in Competition Cheerleading. She was a member of the Wildcats cheerleading group. Her favorite move is the handspring.

Going into high school, Ridley will be cheerleading for the football team, the basketball team as well the wrestlers. She is also hoping to play basketball as well when she moves into the high school.

She also wants to be there for others who might go down the same road as she did as a child.

Her compassion to help others is highly noticeable when asked what advice she would give to someone that had the same setbacks as she has had early in her life.

“Come to me and I will help you. I can help you with everyday stuff that your parents might not understand,” Ridley said. “I could teach them to do sign language and other things. I would be there for them and maybe be their friends.”

I’m sure they would be friends for life.

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