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Senior Spotlight: Bellefonte’s Nate Long

Courtesy of Bellefonte track and field

Today’s senior spotlight is on three year member Nate Long.  Nate joined the team as a sophomore with a goal to keep himself active.  He has been a pleasure to have on the team and this past indoor season, he really stepped up to be a leader for our indoor workouts.

After graduating from Bellefonte, Nate will be enrolled at Penn State where he will be majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

His favorite memory dates back to his sophomore season.  He recalls that during one of the meets a staff member was rolling a discus back to the athletes. Luke Lambert, Max Kroell, JD Besch and Nate were sitting on the ground, waiting to throw, and the staff member rolled the dicus back and it curved towards Luke. The staff member started yelling “close your legs! close your legs!” Luke ended up deflecting it with his foot.

Aside from being involved with track and field, Nate is also a member of scouts.  His favorite movie is Grown Ups.

Nate: good luck in your future endeavors!

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