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The future looks bright for MC junior high and Varsity XC programs

The MC Junior High Girls Cross Country Team competed in Lock Haven on Saturday, October 23 at the Lock Haven University Middle School Championship.

“There was some really good competition on the field that made our team run hard and fast,” said Mifflin County Cross Country coach Neil Breneman. “They all improved on their times from just two weeks ago when they competed at Gettysburg; many by significant amounts! At this age they are still learning how to pace themselves over the whole course but each time they race they learn something new and grow through the experience. “

Amilia (Mia) Coffey brought home a medal taking 17th place with a lot of really fast girls up front.

“Mia has become electrified and excited over these past few weeks and is excelling incredibly with her times. She is driven to work hard which is the key combination to succeed with the natural talent she has,” said Breneman. “She is fast, and will get faster as she continues to progress in training over the next few years. She will be a great addition to the high school team next year!”

“It’s sad that this is the conclusion of their season already but I am so proud of all the significant improvements they have made! I also hope we can continue to build the Junior High XC program. Our district has a lot of good runners, we just need to do a better job of creating a culture of running in our community. Is it hard work, yes…but we also have a ton of fun and the formation, development, and confidence building in these young women’s lives is invaluable!”

Amilia Coffey               12:46 (17th Place)

Abigail Anderson         14:31 (42nd Place)

Kahlen McCracken      15:25 (46th Place)

Irelynn Milligan           15:53 (50th Place)

Caroline Palopoli         15:53 (51st Place)

Audrey Adams            17:10 (54th Place)

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