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ARCHIVE:CPW and X-Pac gives fans a night to remember

By Briana Varner

They’reeeeeee back!!!

Central Pennsylvania Wrestling was back in town on November 29th at the Lewistown Amory.

They were back to defend their different titles and become victors the ring. It was lineup of nine crazy matches took place that night.

Starting off the night Malcom King and his partner Will King as they went against the icons Rockin’ Rebel and Mark Mest.

Their match was filed with action from the start , when both tag teams came out. During the match both teams were going back forth, and getting good shots in. Unfortunately , there had to be a winner. Rockin Rebel and his partner Mark Mest were the victorious one in the first match.

During the second match things started to pick up with crowds roaring and chanting for more. In the second match it was Chase Helms up against Eddie Smooth. Helms got the first shot of the night on Smooth. Then Smooth got back up and turned things around. Smooth had a good start  and almost had the first pin on Helms.

In the end though Helms had the winning pin.

Things started to heat up in the third match it was Lewis G Rich versus Cole Calloway. The flambouent one seemed to be a true fan favorite. He had people in the crowd doing the Y.M.C.A. Calloway started off with by getting Rich into a head lock. Then Rich kept trying to exscape from the hold but couldn’t, it toke him sometime. Then Rich turned things around and got in a couple of flips on Calloway. Rich almost had Calloway pinned twice. Lucky for Calloway , he was able to slip out of them.

By the third try , Calloway got the victory pin on Rich.

The excitement was really picking up by the forth match with Tyler Simms up against the Smasher. In the beginning Simms seemed to intimated by the Smasher. The Smasher took Simms and put him into a choke hold. He slammed him to the ground. It started to seem that Simms kept getting slammed around by the Smasher. Then on Simms manager started to take cheap shots on Smasher, when the referee was not looking.

Eventually the Smasher smashed his opponent by pinning Simms to the mat. Everyone in the crowd were pumped to see Jason Havok who was the current Heavy weight champion of CPW, and his partners Chris Banks and Mikey Wrath up against Bulldog James Dylan, Cremator and D Generation X very own X-Pac.

First ones in to start off in the ring were Dylan and Wrath. Dylan and Wrath were going at it and Wrath held the early advantage.

Dylan tagged X- Pac to come into the ring to go up against Wrath. As the match continued with both three man tag teams going back in forth with each other. Havocs’ team pinned on of the guys from Bulldog’s tag team.

Everyone was bummed because they were routing for the Cremator, X-Pac and Bulldogs team. They did not want the bad guys to win. Then X-Pac challenge Havok to another match later that night.

The crowd were on its toes waiting to see if Havok would accept the challenge. Havok ended up accepted the challenge to go up against Bulldog.

CPW Velocity Championship in a fatal four way match was the sixth match of the night. The four guys up against one another were Tommy Hourglass vs. David Lawless vs. Bruce Maxwell and Chris Rush. In this match there were tables and ladders involved with this match.

One wrestler out of the four had to climb up the ladder and grab waiting for grab the shiny championship belt. David Lawless was successful in winning his second match in CPW.

After intermission the Ox Hogg came out and challenged to wrestle Scorpio in the seventh match. He was granted the match when Scorpio came out himself and accepted his challenge. Scorpio came into the ring ready to take over the ring. Hogg went running out of the ring, and eventually went back into the ring to face his opponent. Hogg ended up pinning him and winning the match.

That 80’s teams ( Petey Noxious and J- Money ) were defending their tag team titles against The Fabulous Bodies. Which included Rob Noxious and Damien Destruction. At one point all four men were in the ring and the 80’s team were flipping around the Fabulous bodies. It was looking like That’s 80’s team were going to win again. Then the Fabulous bodies pulled them out of the ring, and started to beat them up out of the ring, until they took That 80’s team back stage.

Then the next main event of the night which was Havok versus Bulldog James Dylan again, this time for the heavyweight championship belt. Both guys were evenly challenged, the match seemed to be going back and forth. Everyone was routing for the good guy Dylan to win. Near the end it looked like Dylan might not pull through and win. Havok with his cheap shots, slapped Dylan with the championship belt. The impact knocked Dylan to the ground. Then the Cremator came to the rescue and slammed Havok to the ground. So that Dylan could pin him. That is exactly what Dylan did. He ended up pinning Havok and winning the Championship belt.

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