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ARCHIVES: Bulldogs win 5th consecutive Special Needs Super Bowl

2013 proved to be another historical season for the Burnham Bulldogs special needs football team as they completed a perfect 22 – 0 record.

The team faced many tough foes en route to its season of perfection.

In this year’s fifth anniversary of the Super Bowl, the scrappy Bulldogs defeated the Mifflin County school District teachers in the first game of the double dip. While in the second game, the group of youngsters battled in the last second to defeat its archrival the gang from the overhead door Corporation.

History was also made in those two games, as the Mifflin County teachers pushed the Bulldogs to the limit forcing the first overtime in the five years series. However, in the end the Bulldogs rallied behind their fearless leader Bobby”Hollywood” Fisher and the tough of defender Miranda Taylor.

Overhead doors defense was not enough to stop the running game of the Bulldogs resulting in a fifth consecutive Super Bowl victory for the home team.

And between festivities, the crowd was treated to the singing talents of Chris Ruble and Kate Knable.

When the buzzer sounded, ending the contest smiles from both sides of the field could be seen and appreciated as these special athletes showed once again it was their time to shine.

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