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Archives: Heather Adams finishes successful career at WVU


HSS : I heard you had a great senior season for West Virginia this year.

HA: It was a great way to go out on top.

HSS: Did you have a chance to compete at the NCAAs?

HA: Yes, the regionals.

HSS: I after talking to you last year that was one of your goals, so how did it feel to go out and compete at the regional level?

HA: It felt great to have that kind of competition and it met all of dreams and expectations.

HSS: Is this your last year? Graduating this year?

HA: No, I am going to pharmacy school for another two years but I am done with track.

HSS: How did it feel when you knew you were throwing the last throw of your career?

HA:  I was just happy with how far I come and I improved I came in 33rd in regionals and finished 27th so I improved. There was nothing I wasn’t unhappy about I was just ready to tackle my next adventure.

HSS: What is the next adventure or goal you have set for yourself?

HA: Well now that I don’t have track I can focus on school more. My goal is straight A’s next year and then I was obviously stay fit and work out. After eight years of work I am going to give my back a break. I am thinking of going onto competing in power lifting when I get back.

HSS: Is that something you did on the off-season to keep your self in shape for the upcoming season or is it some thing different than what you are used to doing?

HA: It’s pretty similar to the way that we lift for throwing is pretty similar to the way I would work for power lifting so its going to be an easy transition. In the weight room I will focus more on minimal reps and being strong with one rep.”

HSS: What were the throws that you competed in?

HA: The hammer throw, that’s what I made it to regional with.

HSS: What were the others?

HA: There was discus and the other was indoor weights.

HSS: Looking back at your college career what were some of the highlights you remember?

HA: Well I definitely exceeded all my goals that I set in my freshman year. I’d say my two highlights for my college career would be my junior year in Big East Indoors. I had a four-foot PR and I snuck into third. I was seeded 10th and that came to a shock to me and everyone there. This year at the Big 12 outdoor it was I knew I could make the top 8 and I had another PR and I came in 5th. I have PR’ed  at the right times possible.

HSS: looking back at your high school. Talk about your former team.

HA: Freshman year I started out as a sprinter we did a little bit of jumping. Coach Gantz and Coach Aurand came up to me and asked me if I wanted to throw. I really hadn’t thought about that but I said yes and I am so glad that I made that change. They helped me build a very strong base. My technique wasn’t perfect by any means coming out of high school but I had a really great start, probably better than most kids coming out of high school and when I went to college I was able to perfect that.

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