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Bulldogs “Pink Out” to play Lewistown Cabinets

It was a historical moment in the short history of the Burnham Bulldogs Special Needs football team as it held its first ever Pink Out, To Cure Cancer! With the help of the Lewistown Cabinet Company coached by Danny Knepp the two raised over $150 for the cause.

For the coin toss Cancer survivor Deb Fisher did the honors as the team captains Bobby and Olivia Fisher were the team captains. “Danny came to me with the idea. I thought it would be a great idea and he went full force in making it a night to remember for the kids and all that were involved,” Burnham Bulldog coach Kenny Varner said. “I can’t wait until next year for the next one.”

In the game itself, the Bulldogs offense was fast and furious as it scored 56 points en route to the 56-42 victory over Lewistown. Lewistown played the Bulldogs close for almost the entire game but the running of C.J. Pent along with Scotty Snook, Adam Wert, Miranda Taylor, Stevie Lawson, Craig Sainsbury and others were too much for the much older Cabinet company.

Quarterback Hollywood fisher was quick on his feet and provided strong throws when the team needed to help lift his team to victory. Defensively, Coach Pee Wee Duncan had his team primed and ready when they needed to be to preserve the victory.

A rare occurance at the half had Bulldogs runner Walter “ The Rocket” Snyder get traded for a Lewistown Cabinet player and 50 cents. That quickly was reversed after the Rocket scored a touchdown for the Cabinets team and brought the game to within a touchdown.

As the game concluded, the fun continued as the two teams got their pictures taken and both came out winners in their attempt to help fight the deadly disease.

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