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Burman cherishes move to Mifflin County

Dave Burman


Passion is the name of his game.

And for those who know him, they agree that he has “game.”

For the past 12 years, Radio Personality Dave Burman has been there for the area’s greatest sports moments.

His nickname is simply “The Voice of Mifflin County Sports.”

Originally hailing from Chester, Pa., the Philly native arrived on the scene in the late summer of 2002 and has not slowed his passion for sports and the area since his arrival.

“It has been incredible! This is a very passionate area for high school and youth sports,” Burman said about his time here. “I want to thank my owners, Hank and Ann Hain of 105.5 WCHX radio, for putting up with me. It has been incredible following the great kids over the years and the athletes as well as the coaches. You try but you can’t make everyone happy but I still have the passion. I brought that passion from where I came from.”

Not only is Burman known for the things he does over the airwaves but he also stands as a large figure in the background trying to help local athletes get noticed by big time colleges.

He also has been known to bring state attention to the local sports scene and is always there to encourage locals to participate in numerous out of town sports tournaments to get better in their respective sport.

He also thinks that athletes should not limit themselves to playing just one sport.

“We had a merger here in Mifflin County and I think it’s a beautiful thing. We are now in the Mid-Penn. We are currently entering our fourth year as a school and third in the Mid-Penn. I think it is tremendous exposure and it’s good for our kids,” Burman added. “I also encourage multi-sport athletes. If you’re good enough to play four sports, you might as well. The kids are getting tougher and stronger; it’s a great thing to be in the Mid-Penn.”

The legendary broadcaster also thinks it helps athletes’ performance when they play top-notched caliber teams day- in and day-out.

“I think it pushes the kids and the coaches,” Burman said. “The fans just have to realize we’re playing against a lot of Division 1 athletes.”

Most schools struggle in the first few years in existence but Burman argues that that has NOT been the case with Mifflin County.

“Boys basketball knocked off a tough Harrisburg team last year. Harrisburg has been one of the toughest and top programs in the state,” Burman said. “Our football team battles hard. They are very gritty. We’re gritty in all sports. Even in soccer, we are getting where we need to be. People never thought we would beat State College and then we beat them in football, basketball and field hockey. We are very blue-collar.”

Another thing that is missed by the local sports fans might be the on-hands work the veteran sportscaster does with the athletes.

“I take advantage of baseball. I pump it up on the radio. The coaches send me information and I play it on the radio and I use it on the air,” Burman said. “Over the years I have enjoyed playing ball with the kids as they come up through the system. I am not an x and o guy but I do enjoy teaching them a little bit of grit and hustle. I tell them to just play hard and give it 1000 percent when you’re out there. So I have enjoyed that over the years at the YMCA.”

With all the love and passion Burman brings to the local scene, he could be one of Mifflin County’s biggest sports ambassadors.



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