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Central Keystone League kicks off season in training camp

By Kenny Varner

There was a Nittany Lion sighting recently in the Burnham Area.

Actually, it was numerous spottings as the Central Keystone Football and Cheer League opened the season conducting a football ball camp held by Penn State greats Blair Thomas and Quintus McDonald.

The two are the head of the Nittany Sports huddle.

Thomas and McDonald brought along some of their friends from the NFL and Penn State to teach each age group of the league the basics in warming up, running and other technique drills to help get the athletes familiar with the game and to teach veteran players some new drills they can add to their practices.

Camp lasted from nine in the morning until four in the afternoon, giving the players a lot to remember for the upcoming season.

During one of their breaks, Thomas and McDonald took time out to visit and take photos with the Burnham Bulldogs Special Needs Football team. The duo also gave the kids time for autographs.

They also gave autographs and took pictures with the other players later in the day.


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