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CPW welcomes new tag team title holders

LEWISTOWN – Central Pennsylvania Wrestling came back with a vengence Saturday August 23rd . It also returned to its familiar home at the United States Armory Barracks in Lewistown.

The action from beginning to end as the wrestlers, led by an appearance by WWE/ WCW Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon.

The matches were highlighted by a battle for the vacant CPW tag team belts, which would come down to Rob Noxious/ Bulldog James Dylan against Chuck and Matt Silks. The end was just the beginning for the four wrestlers as both will battle on another in the upcoming CPW extravaganza.

Malcom King versus Mark Mest

After being attacked as he came into the ring, Mark Mest reversed the momentum the Malcom King had gained by the sneak attack.

However, King took back control as he gave the veteran wrestler everything he could handle. But a splash by Mest had King on the bad side of a splash. Winner: Mest

Triple threat match – P.J. Walker/ Mark Lantz and Tommy Hourglass 

P.J.  Walker and Tommy Hourglass teamed up Mark Lantz. Trouble between Hourglass and Walker immediately erupted, allowing Lantz to recover. The back and forth battle had shown each wrestler taking the advantage. But after a plethora of action, it would be Hourglass that got his hands raised with the pin. Winner: Tommy Hourglass

At intermission the local fans were treated to a visit from the bad guy Razor Ramon. The former NOW member came out and graciously talked to the fans and complimented the young wrestlers that were back in the locker room. His visit was brief but his words were unforgettable.

Chris Rush versus Eric Harbaugh

Eric Harbaugh started out quickly against Lewistown’s Chris Rush. But the veteran Rush quickly turned the tables on Harbaugh. Rush gave the high flying Harbaugh hit after hit and as things looked dim, he pulled down the rope sending Rush out of the ring and off the mat. Harbaugh took advantage of the situation and went up to the top of the apron and flew out onto the floor, hitting Rush in mid-flight. But with one mistake made by Harbaugh, the crafty veteran Rush took control, put on a neckbreaker to Harbaugh, giving him the 1-2-3 victory. Winner: Chris Rush with the roll up.

“The Heartbreaker” Tyler Simms versus Ed House

The Heartbreaker Tyler Simms came out claiming to be the number one contender for the CPW heavyweight championship currently held by the Creamator. However, a rejuvenated Ed House made his triumphant return to the ring.

In House’s special way, he joked and mocked the Heartbreaker and convinced him into a match. This match was for the top contender status. House wasted little time shaking off the rust and took right at Simms. After an unsuccessful moon sault by House, Simms took advantage of the miscue and started to prove his own worthyness. Simms would even place a sleeper holder on House but to no avail. With his hands going down for the third and final time, House came back to life and House would take control. Winner: Ed House via a cover from a leap off the top rope.

In the tag team challenge matches – After defeating the Loco Lobos and the combination of Tommy Hourglass and Chris Rush (Rush hour), the Bulldog and Rob Noxious advanced to the finals against the Silks brothers of Matt and Chuck.

The Silks high flying moves gave them an early advantage over the two veterans of hard core. Bulldog was the victim early on to the brothers attack but a tag to Noxious changed the tide. Noxious went ballastic taking care of TRK and then Chuck. When the dust settled, the Bulldog and Noxious held the titles in victory.

However, after some after match confrontations, it was decided that Rob will take on Chuck Silks while the Bulldog will have it out with TRK at the next show. Winners: Rob Noxious and Bulldog capture the tag team title.

In the main event, the Creamator defeated Mikey Wrath after a choke slam  and tombstone. Even with brass knuckles Wrath came up empty. Winner: The Creamator retains title.  Tommorrow

CPW gallery to follow Wednesday.


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