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Cubbison and Parson end XC schedule with trip to Hershey

HERSHEY – Addie Parson and Kylee Cubbison both made repeat performances at the PIAA state championships today (11/6) on the Parkview Cross Country Course in Hershey, PA. This was Addie’s 2nd visit to the State Championships and Kylee’s 3rd visit. 

There were 238 of the top runners in the state competing in the AAA Girls race at 11:00am when the temperature was in the low 40’s. Kylee finished in 66th place with a time of 20:23. Addie finished in 133rd place with a time of 21:13

“It is hard to describe the intensity and the starting pace of a state championship race. You have to see it to believe it! Not only is the start fast but there is a lot less separation throughout the race compared to other invitational races. These girls are coming in across the finish line every second, sometimes more than one in a second. After running 3.1 miles with the intensity they run, that is absolutely remarkable! In the 50 seconds between Kylee and Addie crossing the line, there were 67 girls in between,” said Mifflin County coach Neil Breneman. “This was a wrap of Kylee’s high school career in Cross Country and I couldn’t be happier of what she has accomplished in her three years of involvement. She has worked incredibly hard and set a high standard with a 18:55 5K record for Mifflin County. Addie is only half way through her high school career and has shown super improvement. Today she knocked off 46 seconds from last year’s state championship performance and 1:44off her Foundations Invitational time on the same course back in September of this year.”

Addie and Kylee were accompanied by a great fan base of teammates, parents, family and friends and were able to create great memories.

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