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Exciting New changes coming to Port Royal Speedway

Courtesy of Brad Strawser
Port Royal, PA, March 2nd 2024 – As excitement continues to build for the upcoming 2024 racing season, Port Royal Speedway is excited to announce a dedicated portion of the concourse geared specifically towards our racing teams and where they can sell their merchandise.

Over the years, teams have competed for prime location to set their merchandise trailers, tables, and other setups to get in front of the passionate race fans that attend events at Port Royal Speedway. Now, starting in 2024, there will be a specific portion of the grounds set aside specifically for the teams to set up their merchandise setups and for fans to easily access what all the different teams have to offer. New roads have been put on to the fairgrounds for teams to have easy access in and out of the “Fan Zone” for when they bring in their merchandise trailers and more.

The location of the new “Fan Zone” many fans and teams will be familiar with when searching for racing merchandise during the Juniata County Fair. Teams will be able to set up their area at the back side of the commercial building or outside of turn number 4 on the main concourse.

This area is also open to all fans, if they plan on staying for the racing event or not. Fans do not have to have a general admission pass to access the new “Fan Zone” and can go shop at their favorite driver’s merchandise setup while they wait for lines to die down at the ticket windows.

For more information regarding setup in the new “Fan Zone,” please reach out to the speedway office during office hours: Monday through Friday 9AM to 4PM. They can be reached by phone at (717)527-2303 or through email at info@portroyalspeedway.com

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